5 Locations on the Kalahari FF Map to Get the Best Loot

Map Kalahari FF

If you want to play on the Kalahari FF Map, you have to get off at this VCGamers recommended location. Lots of loot for one squad.

Many different maps available on Free Fire, with some of the most famous being the Purgatory, Bermuda, and FF Kalahari maps. Many players have developed a liking for the Kalahari FF map over the evolution of the game, as they find it very enjoyable to play with their friends.

In the world of the Kalahari FF map, there are many different landing spots for players to choose from. The large number of options accessible in desert themed maps often makes people hunt for the best choice to emerge victorious.

The following sections guide users on the locations where you can try to find great loot during the early stages of the match.

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The list of locations mentioned below is the opinion of the author. User preferences and preferences may vary depending on your playing style and more.

List of Best Drop Locations on Map Kalahari FF

Players can find four battle royale maps in Garena Free Fire. They are Bermuda, Remastered, Purgatory, and Kalahari. Among them, the Kalahari stands out for its unique terrain, given its lack of flora and fauna.

The desert map is an excellent place to shoot. There is less protection on open battlefields due to the scarcity of bushes.

There are also many advantages in the highlands due to the undulating terrain. Therefore, the Kalahari is a paradise for snipers and campers, lurking to kill.

The Maze

Map Kalahari FF

The Maze, true to its name, is a depiction of mazes and interesting locations that gamers can enter. It can be found on the west side of the Kalahari FF map and features a zipline going towards the center.

The walls within the labyrinth provide a lot of protection for the user as they hunt for weapons and other items.

Damaged buildings/houses also feature a plethora of valuable items that players can use to increase their chances of topping the battle royale match.


Map Kalahari FF

Bayfront is the next location and is considered one of the top landing spots by the gaming community. It is quite a popular place and covers a large amount of land, which is inhabited with a large number of structures. Users can find enough loot inside to last the whole game.

However, it is important that people remain cautious as they may encounter opponents on the spot and could get caught off guard.

It is spread over a large area of land and has many buildings where players can find high-quality loot, such as weapons and more. However, players must always be aware of the enemy and be ready to face fierce battles.


Map Kalahari FF
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Mammoth occupies the next location and is another fantastic area that gamers can try while playing the Kalahari FF map. Users who have played Clash Squad must be familiar with the various spots that will help them win duels when competing against opponents.

Regarding loot, Mammoth has many tents, each of which has different items. In addition, the open field also had ample supplies, helping them to prepare supplies for the match.


The Foundation stands out as a location for obtaining a large number of items. Similar to Bayfront, it is also built on a large area and has many buildings. However, it is much more secure than Bayfront, and users will find fewer users dropping by here.

Furthermore, gamers can choose to drop by the Foundation and gain access to good loot in the early stages of the match. However, there would still be some enemies lurking in the shadows, and they had to remain vigilant at all times.

Foundation is also a fairly competitive location in Free Fire Kalahari map. Like anywhere else, players will be able to find incredible loot, which will help them get Booyah!

You are advised to stay alert to the enemies around you.

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If the user wants to find the most valuable loot in the Kalahari FF map, refinery should be the primary option they choose. This is a critical hot drop and can be found in the middle of the map. This was also one of the places where one could witness intense bloodshed at an early stage.

Nonetheless, the quality of the items will be astounding, and players will have no trouble finding enough supplies for their entire army. In addition, there are many ziplines throughout the Refinery, helping the user to rotate during the final stages of the match depending on the formation of the zone.

The Kalahari refinery is located in the center of the map and is arguably the most preferred landing spot among players. Therefore it can be classified as a hot-drop in the Free Fire desert map.

Players can easily find lots of supplies and enemies to fight. Therefore, they had to be wary of their opponents when looting in the Refinery. You have to keep themselves ready for multi-squad battles.

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You have to determine their landing place based on the plane's trajectory. If the plane is far from the desired location, you will have to improvise and try other places on the map.

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