Many New Skins Offered in Mobile Legend

Mobile Legends

Every time there is a new patch update, there are lots of new skins offered by Mobile Legend: Bang Bang. Obviously, the appearance of these skins makes the 'sultan'/typical 'collector' players in this MOBA genre mobile game not to be left behind in getting them. Remembering, being able to have this skin at the beginning of its release will create a sense of pride in itself.

In addition, players who already have the skin will certainly be motivated enough to continue using their heroes. Remember, this will make other players jealous because getting a new skin is also not free (except when there is an event).

Well, this time, we will tell you about the details of some skins that might be released near season 20 yesterday. Remembering, you now still have the potential to be able to find some of these skins, for example there is still an event.

This is the new skin offered in the Mobile Legend game

  • Brewing Storm

Approaching the end of season 19 yesterday, Moonton as the developer of this game surprisingly released a skin with a superhero theme similar to the comics. Interestingly, the first hero to get this skin theme was Vale and it was named 'Brewing Storm'. Obviously, the appearance of this skin makes 'sultan' players and players who are accustomed to playing role mages will immediately hunt for it.

With the appearance of a character that is quite cool and the effect of the resulting ability is very special. Because, this theme is also fairly new to be used by Mobile Legend.

However, you also have to take out diamonds (can be purchased with a top up) which may not be small. Remember, to be able to get this skin, you can't estimate the number of diamonds that you will spend later.

However, you can do gacha for this skin if you are interested in getting it. Moreover, there are two options, namely gacha to open once using 25 diamonds (50 percent discount only for the first gacha). In addition, there are still 10 times using 450 diamonds. Apart from that, the skin event, which starts from March 16 to April 15, 2021, will also end.

  • X Factor

Four days after the release of the 'Brewing Storm' event, Mobile Legends has released a new hero named Beatrix. It can be said, the appearance of a hero with a marksman role is also accompanied by the initial skin offered.

Yes, you can also check the skin of the girl character who carries this 'rocket launcher' in the shop-hero-marksman-beatrix menu. After that, you can swipe the photo on the top right. To get this skin, you can redeem it with 269 diamonds.

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