Location of Crystal Marrow Genshin Impact 2023

Location of Crystal Marrow

Crystal Marrow is one of the minerals in Genshin Impact that you can find in various locations specifically for Ascension Alloy and Sayu materials.

This time, VCGamers will discuss how to get Crystal Marrow in Genshin Impact. Let's see the following location!

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Location of Crystal Marrow Genshin Impact

The only way to get Crystal Marrow is by picking it up at an available location. Unfortunately, players cannot buy Crystal Marrow like other materials. Therefore, here are the locations and farming routes for Crystal Marrow that you can follow:

Northern Yashiori Island

Crystal Marrow Yashiori Island
Farming Crystal Marrow Route on Yashiori Island.

The first route for farming Crystal Marrow is north on Yashiori Island. As a local specialty mineral of Inazuma, you can find it on the third island in Inazuma.

The way to start this route begins with teleporting to the domain of the Shimenawa artifact and the Emblem of Severed Fate. After the teleport, you have to head north, namely Musoujin Gorge.

In that area, you will find many Crystal Marrows located at the base of the bones of the giant snake that Electro Archon defeated.

After that, you can teleport to the Statue of the Seven and cross the river. There will be bone or fossil remains that are the location of the Crystal Marrow.

Finally, teleport to the waypoint on the left of Yashiori Island to collect the remaining Crystal Marrow which is located in the Great Serpent fossil.

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Southern Yashiori Island

Southern Yashiori Island
Yashiori Island South of the Crystal Marrow.

Places to get Crystal Marrow are scattered all over Yashiori Island. After getting all the Crystal Marrow in the north, it's time for you to teleport to the previous artifact domain.

However, this time you will head south as shown in the image above. You will find a Crystal Marrow that is under the Great Serpent fossil.

Next, you can teleport to a domain called Formation Estate to head to the Serpent's Head area. The area offers a lot of Crystal Marrow.

Finally, there is a Crystal Marrow in the Jakotsu Mine area after you teleport to the waypoint in the southern part of the island.

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Crystal Marrow in Tatarasuma

Crystal Marrow at Tataratsuna
Crystal Marrow at Tataratsuna.

Apart from Yashiori Island, you can find Crystal Marrow in the Tatarasuna area. However, the number on the island is less than on Yashiori Island.

However, the additional Crystal Marrow will be very useful for leveling up Alloy and Glazed.

To get Inazuma's special mineral, you can teleport to a waypoint in the northern part of Tatarasuna, on Kannazuka Island.

After teleporting, follow the directions in the image above, which is heading south.

There will be a Crystal Marrow available for you to collect on the island. Unfortunately, you can't buy Crystal Marrow like Naku's Weed which you can buy at Inazuma City vendors.

As an additional tip, use Gorou in the party when looking for the Crystal Marrow so you can see the location of the mineral on the mini map.

Thus the discussion regarding Crystal Marrow farming locations and routes, I hope this is useful!

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