Relax a little to play the following best Android music games

It cannot be denied, including techniques in treating boredom for some people, namely listening to music. Especially with the call for people to carry out activities at home due to the effects of the Corona pandemic which is still ongoing today. The most practical option is to play Android music games the best in these phones.

AyoDance Mobile

AyoDance is a favorite game created by Megaxus several years ago. The game became even more popular during the golden era of internet cafes. Popular as a PC game, the developer has finally released it for the mobile platform as well. Avatars with cute visuals made this Android music game immediately popular with many people. So in this game players are welcome to prepare avatars in preparation for playing battle dance. The player's task is to follow the music that is played to dance. The way to create an avatar is to just tap the arrow symbols available on the screen. AyoDance Mobile also provides various events that players can do.


Is Android music games made by a developer from Taiwan, Rayak Games. Previously, Cytus could only be run from iOS devices. Then it was developed for Android in 2012. To play Cytus, players just have to tap on the circle shown on the screen. Players are required to be able to move their fingers agile. Because players are required to tap the circle mark when the horizontal line lies exactly in the black circle earlier. Players can also enjoy the strains of the song being played to encourage them to finish the game.


Playing while listening to the strains of your favorite song certainly makes the mind entertained. Therefore, try the game made by Neowiz called Tapsonic. This fun option for Android music games requires players to tap or press multi-colored circles that keep moving. At first glance this game resembles the gameplay of Guitar Hero. But for Tapsonic, it has cartoon-shaped visuals. Of course it's not easy to finish the game in this game. That's because players must be careful in tapping the circle button that leads to the player.


Maybe someone has played the Osu game available for computer devices. Well, Opsu is a ported version available for the Android platform. Dexterity and precision are really demanded from this Android music game. In playing this game, the task of the player is to tap and swipe the screen with his fingertip. A red and white circle symbol will appear on the screen. Players are required to draw a circle according to the number that comes out. There are a number of song titles to choose from in this Opsu. Players can also adjust their abilities by selecting the available game modes.

BTS superstars

For idols of the BTS band, it's a shame if you don't try Android music games this one. Players can play while listening to songs sung by this boy band from South Korea, of course it's even more exciting. Not only tapping the circle, if the player presses a little longer it will end this game. Three modes are provided to play, namely easy, normal, and hard mode as the most difficult. Each mode offers a different speed of tapping the circle. The fastest, of course, is in hard mode.


Deemo also features games with simple musical themes. So Deemo presents music notation that goes from top to bottom. So, the player's task is to tap on the note when it is below. If the player taps too fast or vice versa too slow then the combo that has been obtained will immediately disappear. Deemo is a game that concentrates on playing the piano instrument. The graphics that are presented are so beautiful by mobile game standards. not like Android music games on the other hand, Deemo offers a storyline plus the appearance of animation, although the duration is not too long.

Magic Tiles

One more Android music games with the easy theme, Magic Tiles. Even though it is limited in the choice of songs that can be played, this game can definitely entertain those who play it while taking advantage of their relaxing time. In this game, players have the task of tapping black blocks. Next, a long block will appear that must be pressed long enough. The longer it is, the faster the movement of the blocks towards the player.

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