List of Yi Sun Shin Counter Heroes in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

Lately, Yi Sun Shin has become a very popular hero in the Mobile Legends game. After this marksman got the latest meta, Yi Sun Shin was immediately famous and became a hero that is very difficult to beat, here are a series of heroes to counter Yi Sun Shin in Mobile Legends.

Yi Sun Shin is often used as a core hero and has flexible gameplay, not only as a carry, he also plays as a strong support.

A series of Yi Sun Shin Counter Heroes in Mobile Legends

  • Kagura

This hero mage is a natural counter hero from Yi Sun Shin. Kagura's skill that allows to launch CC which can attract very tough enemies. Kagura also has good mobility and immunity, if Yi Sun Shin attacks him using ultimate, Kagura can release it very easily.


  • Hayabusa

This assassin hero is a very strong carry hero, good juggling skills plus high damage. With one skill combo, Hayabusa can beat opponents easily. For example, when immobilizing Yi Sun Shin, you can use the 2nd skill to approach him, use the 1st and ultimate skill.


  • Fanny

With Fanny's ability, you can immobilize Yi Sun Shin quickly and initiate it. To defeat him, you can use Fanny's 2nd skill which can attack enemies flexibly, giving the ultimate initiation skill. Because with 2 or 3 attacks can already paralyze Yi Sun Shin.


  • Argus

Argus is a marksman hero, he is very strong especially when used for close combat. To be able to overcome this, you can use Argus who has immortal skills with his ultimate strength, he will be very superior in close combat. Meanwhile, the damage done by Argus is no less strong than the hero assassin.


  • Johnson

Johnson is an excellent tanker hero in terms of initiation. He can turn into a car and crash into enemies. He often looks for prey here and there and starts a commotion.


Usually, Johnson's game uses ultimate to do combos with teammates, such as Aurora, Chou, or Odette, then leaves again and looks for prey. If you find it, hit it and the enemy will die immediately.


  • Karina

Karina is one of the best heroes who has both fast and flexible attacks, Karina's attacks can paralyze marksman or mage quickly.


You can use the 1st skill to settle and approach the enemy, you will also get immune through the effect of the skill, then use the second skill to attack, if the blood is low, use the ultimate when you want to end the enemy's life.


  • Lancelot

Lancelot is a hero assassin who has agility above other heroes, you can aim at Yi Sun Shin quickly and easily to knock him out.

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