Liquid Join BTR Red Aliens, This is Luxxy's Response!

Liquid Join BTR Red Aliens, This is Luxxy's Response!

Bigetron Red Aliens mega star Made Bagus Prabaswara or who we are familiar with by the name Luxxy some time ago gave his response regarding Liquid's arrival to the BTR RA roster.

Previously, Liquid itself surprised many with its move to Bigetron Red Aliens some time ago.


However, behind the move, the public is wondering who is the BTR RA roster that Liquid will replace?

Luxxy firmly answered via his Instagram story some time ago regarding Liquid's arrival and also rumors that Liquid will replace one of the BTR RA players.

liquid join red aliens

Luxxy said that, no one has been replaced, no one has retired, all of them are still active in the competition. What's the point of retiring people, talents and sources of income, we are all here (PUBG Mobile). It's a loss if you leave or retire," Luxxy said to her instastory which has now disappeared.


Memang ada benarnya sih yang dikatakan Luxxy ini mengingat kehadiran Liquid ini juga membuat para roster dari BTR RA bisa mudah melakukan rotasi untuk menghadapi turnamen PUBG Mobile yang padat tiap harinya.


Dia juga memastikan bahwa tidak ada pemain yang keluar atau pensiun dengan kehadiran Liquid ini.

Gimana tanggapan kalian Vicigers? Apakah kehadiran Liquid akan membantu BTR RA dalam menghadapi jadwalnya yang padat?

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