Light of Thel Fun and Interesting Game

Light of Thel Fun and Interesting Game

Hello Vicigers! Light of Thel belongs to the genre of action-adventure games available on mobile created by Youzu from Singapore. This exciting game offers a very wide open world to explore. Offers a good cartoon display, cool visuals, cute characters and various game modes that will spoil the fantasy of the players. Enhance the aura of the game by purchasing a Light of Thel game voucher at VC Gamers.

This game offers a high-quality graphic display plus animations that will spoil the eye. Like games with other RPG genres, Light of Thel also provides a variety of exciting gameplay such as pvp battles, dungeons, costumes, pets, and many more.

The game begins by selecting five powerful classes. First is the Omni Warrior, an invincible character who is able to stem and deal various blows. Then there is the Rune Mage, a formidable character with a destructive area-effect spell weapon. Next up is Elf Archer, an agile character capable of dealing massive damage to a single target. Not to forget is the Shadow Assassin who has a cunning nature that uses stealth to kill. Each available class has its own uniqueness where players can change it with the aim of getting a comprehensive combat experience.

This game has a lot of features. The gameplay offered is also difficult, although it can still be understood quickly. Novice players who are playing RPG genre games for the first time will not be confused thanks to the user friendly interface. Not everything is complicated, there are also some relaxing features such as planting plants or fishing that will bring players into that fun atmosphere.

One thing that is interesting is the provision of a party system, in this game it is very difficult, especially the captain who continues to pay attention to the level of prospective members first. But players don't have to worry because the developer has prepared features so they don't have to bother trying to find a party anymore. The bot is known as Mercenary. Each Mercenary had various abilities. Players must be smart to use this one feature. Want to enjoy the maximum gaming experience? Players can buy various items to support the game can take place with fun.

Various interesting items are available in the Shop which can be purchased easily using vouchers. The way to top up in the Light of Thel game is also very easy. The problem is, where to buy a Light of Thel game voucher that is cheap and not complicated.

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