Free Legendary Items You Must Have in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 its appearance in the world gaming market is indeed quite impressive. Until now, they have sold almost 8 million copies in the market. Lots of gamers who play this game to forget the time. Maybe it's because the game gives a lot to get. For example, one of them is some Legendary items that you can get for free.

These items are very useful, but to have them requires extra struggle. In addition, judging from the needs, it is very important to be able to roam freely. Moreover, Cyberpunk 2077 also features an open world that is so interesting to be an adventure. There are also quite a lot of missions besides the main mission that you can take. Secret missions are also no less fun to complete if you feel bored.

This is the Legendary Items Cyberpunk 2077

Legendary Items Cyberpunk 2077

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Well now in this article we will provide a list of interesting items. This will later make you like Cyberpunk 2077 even more. Want to know?

  • Bulletproof Blazer

One of the most interesting Legendary Items is the Bulletproof Blazer. This item can make your character bulletproof and can protect very well. In addition to having a bullet-proof effect, this also makes the character's outfit more attractive.

To get this item, you have to go to the Watson district. After reaching there, all you have to do is look for a sign that says "Barely Illegal” which is quite conspicuous on the neon sign. There you will find corpses and don't hesitate to look for items and loot them. The good news, here there will be no enemies to bother you. So you will feel free without any time limit to explore.

For stats, it provides an additional 82.2 armor and also provides 5 block damage reduction. Then, it will also provide an additional 5% of stamina when you fight unarmed or short-range combat.

  • Monowire

Monowire is one of the unique items in Cyberpunk 2077. It is described as a cable that can be used like a whip and can hurt the target. Physical damage is huge to the enemy and they should obviously be in a lot of trouble. Even if their armor was thin enough, being hit by a few hits would result in elimination of the opponent.

Want to know how to get this item? Just head to the Drug Store in the Watson district. After that turn left and look for the words "Stephenson technologies". Inside there will be a box containing Monowire and go to Ripper Doc to be able to make it usable.

Monowire's stats are 270 to 330 damage to targets. Physical damage will appear randomly between 113 to 135 depending on your luck. Additional attack speeds of 2.94 and there will also be an additional 20% effect for bleeding.

Other Items

  • Shingen Mark V

Shingen Mark V is an SMG type firearm that can help you when you have trouble. This weapon can directly aim at 3 targets automatically even when they are behind cover.

To get the Shingen Mark V in your hands, go to the Santo Domingo District and look for a building called Arasaka. Once there, immediately go to the parking lot and find the black box on the right side. There are a few obstacles to finding this item, so try to play it safe.

This Legendary item's SMG stats deal 278.4 dps and 25-31 damage. Then there is an effect of 4.55 attacks per second accompanied by 19.22 for thermal damage. For other effects, you better see for yourself so that it remains a mystery.


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