Sumeru Genshin Impact Character Leaks in Patch 3.0, Anyone?

leaked character sumeru genshin impact

Vicigers already knew that yet Genshin Impact patches 3.0 or the Sumeru Genshin Impact area will be released soon?

conversation patches This latest is indeed being hotly discussed by players on all social media.

para leakers also kind enough to share various leaks about Sumeru, especially the characters.

There are already some leaks regarding the characters that you can play later when Vicigers is released.

Names like Baizhu, Yaoyao, Cyno, and Scaramouche are certainly quite familiar, it is rumored that they will become characters that you can play as.

Unfortunately, these 4 characters have not received further information. However, there are various other characters whose Splash Art has even been leaked Lol!

Are you curious about the leaked Sumeru Genshin Impact characters? Don't worry, VCGamers will discuss various characters along with them skills leaked for patches the upcoming 3.0.

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Sumeru Genshin Impact Character Leaks

According to some leakers famous Genshin Impact such as Ubatcha, Genshinblank, and several other names, there are lots of characters planned for release for Sumeru.

A few days ago too, even Splash Art or images that would appear when you pull this character from Wish or Gacha has been leaked.

Some of these characters even already have what elements and weapons they will use.

The characters that have been leaked quite completely are named Tighnari, Collei, and Dori.

There are also characters named Girenu and Al-Khaytam which have also been talked about. However, it is still not explained in detail the strength of the two characters.

Speculation has it that Al-Khaytam will look like the character games Another miHoYo is a Honkai Impact named Su.

In addition, there will also be a new set of artifacts that provide special bonuses for the Dendro DMG Bonus.

Until this article was written, new writers had leaks regarding Collei, Dori, and Tighnari.


sumeru character genshin impact collei
Collei (source: Twitter/ Zeniet)

For the traveler or Vicigers who also read Genshin Impact manga comic seems to be no stranger to this character.

Collei had previously appeared in the Genshin Impact manga and was quite familiar with Amber. 

This character also plays a fairly important role in the comic, so Vicigers can check out the comic right away.

From leaks leakers, Collei would later use weapons bow and has a Dendro element.

Collei was also said to be trainees or apprenticed to a Forest Ranger in Sumeru.

Collei's Elemental Skill is said to throw a boomerang that deals Dendro DMG to enemies.

For Elemental Burst, it is said that Collei will later throw a mechanical cat which when it explodes will give AoE Dendro DMG.

After exploding, this cat will also continue to provide AoE Dendro DMG.

For Passive Skill not much is known. However, judging from Collei's Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst patterns they seemed to be similar skills similar Amber.

It is not certain whether the Sumeru Genshin Impact character will be released in patches 3.0 or later.

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sumeru character genshin impact tighnari
Tighnari (source: Twitter/ Zeniet)

The Sumeru Genshin Impact character that will be leaked next is named Tighnari.

Tighnari is rumored to be using bow with Dendro elements and plans to become a 5 star character.

It is also introduced that Tighnari is the chief Ranger of Dawson Rainforest, the same place as Collei.

For Vicigers who don't know, Sumeru will later be divided into Rainforest and Desert locations.

It is also reported that Tighnari will have a character similar to Albedo, although this is unconfirmed.

Tighnari's Charged Attack will also give a special effect called Flower Basket which can give AoE Dendro DMG, maybe you could say it's a bit similar to skills Ganyu.

Tighnari's Elemental Skill will later throw an object that gives AoE Dendro DMG and creates an area that makes the enemy "chaotic" and reduces Tighnari's CD.

Elemental Burst Tighnari is rumored to be dealing Dendro DMG from seed-shaped objects shot like arrows.

As for the Passive Skill from Tighnari, it is rumored that it will help you to find special materials from Sumeru, similar to Klee.


sumeru character genshin impact dori
Dori (source: Twitter/ Zeniet)

Dori is the last Sumeru Genshin Impact character at the time this article was written which was released quite comprehensively, starting from the character design and skills which is owned.

Dori has the full name Dori Sangemah Bay. This Sumeru character is a 4 star character who uses the Electro element with a Claymore weapon.

It is said Dori is a Traveling Merchant or itinerant trader in Sumeru.

By design Vicigers could see that Dori was quite similar to Diona, a 4-star Cryo Bow character from Mondstadt.

Dori's Elemental Skill is a summoned turret and will deal Electro DMG.

This turret later when it hits the enemy will throw 2 bullets extra that deals additional Electro DMG.

Elemental Burst from Dori will summon the Spirit of the Lamp which will regenerate HP and Elemental Energy.

This Spirit of the Lamp will later connect with the active character and give Electro DMG to enemies who touch the Spirit of the Lamp.

Passive Skill from Dori will give you refunds of the material used for ascension be it character materials or weapons.

Those are the leaks of the 3 Sumeru Genshin Impact characters that will be presented in patches Summer later.

Regarding other characters such as Girenu and Al-khaytam, unfortunately there is still no related news. VCGamers can wait for more leaks later. 

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