Leaks About Reyna the Background Character Valorant

Riot Games as game developer-Valorant mentions Valorant as one of the titles games First Person Shooter aka games The most popular FPS today. Millions of players from all over the world love to play games even if they have to for hours. This happens because apart from offering gameplay Incredibly, Valorant features several unique agents, each with their own distinct abilities and advantages.

Interestingly, all Valorant agents come from diverse background and have voice line astonishing. Now, since games launched, players guess background of each Valorant character. However, developer have not confirmed and informed background any character to date. No one knows for sure when Riot Games plans to release a leak regarding any long-awaited information about Valorant. But thanks hint recently, don't worry, at least there's some information about background Reyna.

Reyna Valorant Leaks and Her Fierce Rivalry with Viper

Thanks to one of the new Valorant player cards, it has been discovered that there is a connection between Reyna and Viper. This leak was originally posted by one of the accountsusername clefairy13_ on Reddit, who posted the link in the image below between the two Valorant agents. Interestingly, the player cards show Reyna and Viper facing each other which clearly hints at an old rivalry. Now, what's really interesting is that the same card shows a Viper holding hands with a child.

In the picture, it is clear that Viper is guiding the child in a laboratory. So it's possible that this kid is a test subject for the Viper; that's what the rumors say. Now, the question is, who is the child in this picture?

Now,, some players thought that the child was actually Reyna's sister. In Valorant, one of the voice line Reyna adalah “Untukmu, Hermanita.” Jika Anda belum mengetahuinya, ‘Hermanita’ pada dasarnya berarti ‘saudara perempuan’ dalam bahasa Spanyol. Jadi, ini menegaskan bahwa Reyna memiliki saudara perempuan yang sakit atau bahkan sudah tewas.

Menurut rumor, saudara perempuan Reyna mungkin tidak selamat dari eksperimen Viper, kemungkinan alasan di balik persaingan yang terjadi di antara mereka. Tentu saja, kita tidak bisa memastikan tentang latar belakang Reyna atau agen lain sampai Riot akhirnya merilis apa yang sesungguhnya telah lama Valorant janjikan. Namun, tidak seperti teori ‘konspirasi’ lainnya, yang satu ini sebenarnya dapat dipercaya oleh beberapa pemain Valorant. Pasalnya, bahkan banyak orang mengomentari kebenaran mengenai adiknya Reyna pada kolom komentar di youtube sekalipun.

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