The Latest Free Fire Update, You Must Know This!

Free Fire Latest Update

Earlier this month, there were many events offered for the latest Free Fire update. Therefore, we will also provide some information that may later be useful for you to use when you are in the game.

In addition, we will also convey about the update regarding the new bundle which is planned to be released on April 6, 2021 tomorrow. However, this new bundle is likely to be a target for players who have the status of 'sultans'. Remember, you have to buy it with only (top up) diamonds.

What's more, there is other information that you don't know yet. Curious about what we want to convey?

This is the Latest Free Fire Update

  • Egg Hunt

To note, Garena has officially released the main event called 'Wonderland' and this has started on April 2, 2021. In addition, there are many interesting events offered with different time durations for each event.

Apart from that, one of the events that we want to discuss now is Egg Hunting. Where this event has started today and the event will end on April 13, 2021. In this event, you will only get one prize from each category. In detail, this event will only be available in four categories.

The first category is Pet Skin. Here, you can choose only one skin from a selection of pets such as Dreki, Robo, Pup, Shiba and Fox's two skins. Next, there is an emote category consisting of six choices. Unfortunately, you will only be able to choose one.

Third, there is the backpack category, aka the bag that will be used by your character. For your choice, you can decide for yourself which bag might suit you. Finally, there is the weapon loot create category. Not much different from before. Here, there are six interesting options that you can choose one of them.

In order to get one prize in each category, you also have to collect lots of eggs to exchange. An easy way to get it, you can also complete each daily quest.

  • Magic Cube

Not only Egg Hunting, Free Fire today also released an event for a new bundle that you can exchange for magic cubes. Yes, you can now secure the Crimson Red bundle by exchanging your magic cube.

Of course, this time the magic cube is quite interesting for players with a typical sultan even though the bundle has actually been released for quite a while (two years to be exact). Remembering, they can get this bundle again if the previous release failed to get it.

For example, you are curious to exchange this bundle, then you can go directly to the 'shop' menu -> 'redeem' -> 'magic cube'. Even so, your one magic cube will only be exchanged for one bundle.

To get a magic cube, you can spin the one in Diamond Royale. Also, you can exchange around 100 cube fragments to the 'shop' -> 'redeem' -> 'cube fragment' menu.

  • Bundle Judgment Ironface

To note, the Judgment Ironface bundle is a bundle intended for male characters who are quite fierce in appearance. Moreover, this bundle is the opposite of Verdict Ironface (bundle for female characters). It is certain, this event will be officially released tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the event will be a paid event on Free Fire. In all, there are about five prizes on offer. For example, if you want to get the main prize, you have to spin using diamonds.

For regular spins, you can do it with nine diamonds first. Interestingly, you can do this about three times. After that, the price will be 29 diamonds (and this is the original price). Lastly, there is a special spin that you can redeem for 199 diamonds.

Interestingly, you will get a discount of around 66 percent after doing three normal spins. In addition, you will get one of the five main prizes after the special five spins.

For the five main prizes (besides the Judgment Ironface bundle), what you have the potential to get are the Frosted bundle, Special Ops bundle, SPAS12 (weapon) – Mystic Seeker and the Azure Annihilation bundle.

  • Redeem Code

Apart from the above events, we will also present the latest redeem codes that you can exchange now for free. Remember, these codes will be enough to help you get additional prizes. Obviously, this is very helpful for F2P players in the game made by Garena.





-> FF65-HAZ8-KG8H

To be able to exchange it, you can go to the official website of Free Fire specifically to claim the reward prize from the redeem code. After that, you can log in using your linked account. Only then can you enter the codes above and press confirm.

When all these steps are complete, you can return to the game and collect the prizes in the mailbox menu.

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