Klee Genshin Impact Facts, Many Interesting Things Rarely Known!

klee genshin impact facts

Who doesn't know Klee Genshin Impact? I'm sure the Vicigers know one of the most adorable Pyro element characters.

Klee is a 5 star character limited The first released by Genshin Impact, making this character the 22nd released.

Maybe for some players, many only know Klee as one of the young Knights and his hobby is making bombs.

Even though there are many interesting details and facts about Klee that I think you should know.

What are the details and facts about Klee Genshin Impact? Vicigers read this article further because this time VCGamers will discuss about Klee Genshin Impact.

PS: this discussion will contain a little spoilers which includes character stories, quest, and others.

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Who is Klee Genshin Impact?

klee genshin impact facts
Klee Genshin Impact (source: Genshin Impact)

Klee is one of the knights or Knights in the Knight of Favonius, the knight who protects Mondstadt.

The weapon used is the Catalyst and uses the Pyro element which is shaped like a bomb.

For age, it is estimated that Klee Genshin Impact's age is between 9 and 10 years, which is quite young for a knight.

Klee is a little elf-like girl with pale skin and pink eyes. She has pale blonde hair tied in a pigtail in a cowlick and prominent elf ears.

Although still small, Klee Genshin Impact is known to be very strong. Nicknamed the Spark Knight, Klee is known as an arsonist or master bomb maker.

His ability to make these bombs is sometimes dangerous enough that Jean inevitably have to supervise and punish him.

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Very Lucky But Reason for Bennett's Misfortune

Klee Genshin Impact Bomb Bennett
Klee Good at Making Bombs (source: Genshin Impact)

Klee" is German for "clover." Its constellation, Trifolium, is Latin for "clover".

While clover usually has three leaves ('tri' in 'Trifolium'), all clover motifs are seen on Klee's clothing and the elemental effect has four leaves. 

Four-leaf clover is traditionally considered to bring good luck to gardeners.

Klee Genshin Impact's luck can be seen from how it is said that he is very easy to find treasure chests everywhere.

Why did the writer say that Klee was one of the reasons for Bennett's bad luck? There is an interesting story behind Vicigers.

Told Bennett who is an Adventurer has a group called Bennett Adventure Team.

However, his team members leave the group due to the streak of misfortunes they face.

One of his bad luck is Klee. When Bennett and his team are entering a cave in search of treasure, the cave explodes.

As Vicigers predicted, Klee was the main culprit in the explosion.

Klee Genshin Impact thinks that the hole is a rabbit hole and intends to catch the rabbit with a bomb.

Pretty dangerous thing isn't it? However, considering Klee's hobby is Fish Blasting or blowing up fish, it's not unusual for Klee to do this.

 Even the people of Mondstadt joked that all the fish in Mondstadt were afraid of Klee.

Siblings with Albedo and Princess from Famous Adventure

klee genshin impact and albedo
Klee and Albedo (source: VCGamers)
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Klee and one playable characters the other is Albedo is a brother and sister. However, they are not siblings.

Klee's mother Alice befriends an alchemist named Rhinedottir, who is Albedo's teacher.

Alice herself is a famous adventurer who married an elf. 

Books such as the Teyvat Travel Guide, Mondstadt Travel Guide, and even the Inazuma Travel Guide were written by this mother of Klee Genshin Impact.

It is said that Alice is very strong and has many friends. In fact, Alice is also friends with Rex Lapis.

Albedo who was given the task by Rhinedottir entrusted to Alice in Mondstadt to study.

Alice told Albedo to think of her as a mother and raise her as a family.

The young Klee was entrusted to Albedo when Alice had been traveling with her husband until now.

Alice also advised Albedo to take care of Klee and Klee Genshin Impact was asked to treat Albedo as a brother.

At some times like at the time events 2.6 or events Golden Apple Archipelago at di updates 1.6 yesterday, Albedo seemed to really take care of Klee.

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Gaining Vision from Making Bombs

vision klee genshin impact Vision Klee Located in the Backpack (source: Genshin Impact)

While other characters are usually told to get Vision from a struggle, against danger, or in a sad state, Klee Genshin Impact is not like that.

Klee got it while he was making a bomb one day.

Klee, who was curious to make a bigger and more powerful bomb, destroyed it workshop where to make bombs.

In the midst of a puff of smoke, Klee, who was not afraid of the explosion, was actually very happy to see the disaster he had done.

In the midst of the smoke he also got Vision, the Pyro vision he currently uses and attached it to his backpack.

Having a Favorite Doll Named Dodoco

klee genshin impact and dodoco
Klee Genshin Impact Holding Dodoco (source: Genshin Impact)

If you notice, Klee uses a red bag where he puts his Vision with a white doll hanger.

The yrt doll in this bag is a Dodoco, a furry pom-pom in the shape of a jungle animal made by her mother and her Pyro Vision.

Dodoco for Klee Genshin Impact is considered his best friend.

Long ago, Klee's mother made this doll for him by hand.

Alice attached it to Klee's four-leaf clover, and hung it in her large backpack.

Her mother said that this would ensure that Klee would never be lonely and that she would have friends to confide in even when she was alone.

They will also protect each other in times of danger, like Amber and Baron Bunny.

This, however, caused the Knights nothing to worry about — considering the other things that Alice and her daughter had discovered, perhaps this too, could explode at any moment.

“Dodoco” is a name that Klee chose himself. Even the weapon you get from the Golden Apple Archipelago is Dodoco's Tale 

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