Jett, Valorant's Brilliant Windbending Agent! #languagegen 4

Jett, Windbending Agent From Valorant!

Hello vicigers, back again in the # languagegen segment, on #languagegen this time we will discuss a duelist agent named Jett. This agent is a wind controlling agent which can be seen from the skills he has.

This agent is very much interested because the method of using this agent is relatively easy. However, the use of this agent also requires good dexterity and analysis to use the skills.

Okay, without further ado, here are the skills that Jett the wind controller has:

  • Passive 

By pressing space, Jett can float in the air.

  • Cloudbrust

Jett can throw a projectile that can cover an area that can obstruct visibility. Cloudburst can also explode in midair. Throw direction Cloudburst can be turned by holding down the button abilities.

  • Updraft

Jett can perform a high jump and can be used twice directly. It should be noted that after landing, Jett will not immediately access the weapon.

  • tailwind

Jett can do dash with a fairly high speed based on the intended direction. If Jett is at rest, tailwind will propel Jett forward. Same as Updraft, Jett will not immediately access his weapon after landing. tailwind can be reset after getting 2 kills.

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