The Best Mobile Legends Defense Items, No Damage!

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Use defense items Mobile Legends this best. By using Mobile Legends defense items, your hero will not be damaged!

Tanks take an insane amount of damage to the team, but the user must have some form of defense against enemy lines as well if they are to survive.

When facing heroes with devastating damage output, such as mages and fighters with burst abilities, being able to absorb impact and live to fight is the key to victory. 

Here are the best Mobile Legends defense items that will prepare you for the worst and help you get that victory.

List of Defense Items in Mobile Legends

Wind of Nature

Mobile Legends Defense Items

Wind of Nature is the main defense for marksman. Once activated, it grants them immunity to all incoming physical damage for 2 seconds while providing offensive stats.

If used properly, this item can deflect the enemy's ultimate and make marksman players feel invulnerable.

Wind of Nature temporarily makes the hero immune to all physical damage. Provides physical attack, attack speed, and lifesteal.

  • +30 Physical Attack 
  • +20 percent Attack Speed 
  • +10 percent Physical Lifesteal

Winter Truncheon

Mobile Legends Defense Items

Winter Truncheon is a counter-part magic power from Wind of Nature. Their difference is, while Wind of Nature blocks physical damage, Winter Truncheon freezes the hero to become immune to anything.

Your skills can cooldown after you are frozen. Your team can come to your rescue after you freeze.

  • +400 Health Points 
  • +25 Physical Defense 
  • +60 Magic Power

Queen's Wings

Mobile Legends Defense Items

Queen's Wings is the best Mobile Legends defense item for regeneration heroes. This item reduces all damage taken by 50 percent and increases lifesteal by 30 percent once the hero's HP is below 40 percent, which means you can get a crazy boost when you're tired in battle.

Queen's Wings can make dying regen heroes return from losing battles. Queen's Wings also gives a lot of HP stats and a 10 percent cooldown reduction.

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  • +15 Physical Attack 
  • +1000 Health 
  • +10 percent Cooldown Reduction


Mobile Legends Defense Items

In the late game, nothing is more important than having a second life, that's what you will get after buying Immortality.

When up, this Mobile Legends defense item will revive dead heroes and give them a second chance, literally. Hero will revive with 20 percent HP and 220-1200 shield points adjusted by level.

Very important in the late game where death can determine the winner. Provides HP stats and physical defense that can increase hero durability.

  • +800 Health Points 
  • +40 Physical Defense

Antique Cuirass

Mobile Legends Defense Items

Antique Cuirass is the king of all physical Mobile Legends defense items. This item is very passive-aggressive so it reduces the attacker's physical attack by 5 percent when they attack the hero with this item.

The reduction can stack up to 4 times, making the enemy's core physical damage short of power. While Antique Cuirass weakens enemies, it strengthens heroes by giving them lots of HP, regen, and physical defense stats.

Can reduce the physical damage of enemy heroes by up to 20 percent. This item is a physical attack hero counter statistic that is often the enemy's core.

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Athena's Shield

Mobile Legends Defense Items

Athena's Shield competes with Radiant Armor in terms of the best items against mages. Why do we think Athena's Shield is the winner? Because most mages deal massive burst damage that can wipe out heroes in an instant, and Athena's Shield denies it.

Athena's Shield, like Radiant Armor, is excellent against short magic damage events, though it goes beyond that against explosion damage by reducing all magic damage taken by 25 percent for 5 seconds.

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Those were some of the best Mobile Legends defense items that you can use against core heroes or tanks. If you have your own version, try sharing it with us in the comments column below.

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