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For Vicigers friends who want to know Hanzo's item counter to beat him, please check this page. VCGamers has made a list of recommendations for season 24 MLBB.

Hanzo is one of the best MM and very annoying. This hero ulti makes him the Ultimate Demon Ninja and leaves his original body in its place.

Killing his demon form doesn't mean he's dead, but you have to kill his real body. But it is not easy to approach him, because if he catches you, the devil will kill you.

Well, to approach and kill this MM hero quickly, you have to use the Hanzo counter item so you can easily reach his real body. Vicigers friends can use the following Hanzo counter items.

List of Item Counter Hanzo MLBB

In addition to heroes, you can also use Hanzo's counter items to defeat him in season 24. Here are the Hanzo counter items that Vicigers must use.

Wind Of Nature

Hanzo Counter Items

Because the Wind Of Nature item provides resistance to physical damage, you can deal with all physical hero damage in this item. For example, Hanzo with large damage, this will make his damage unnecessary in 2 seconds.

With these three upgrades it will definitely hurt your hero and last a long time, both in single and team fights.

The passive is called Wind Chant, this passive will give your hero immunity to all physical damage for 2 seconds with cooling for 70 seconds. The duration is shortened when used by non-MM heroes.

Antique Cuirass

Hanzo Counter Items
Antique Curias

Hanzo's next counter item is Antique Cuirass. Antique Cuirass has the same ability to increase strength, in fact the two things are very different.

If Brute Force may be an aggressive type of player, this item is suitable for tanks / bums that only function as bags. Due to its passiveness, this item can reduce the opponent's physical attack by 10 percent in 2 seconds and can be stacked in three seconds.

In addition, this item will also provide an additional 920 HP, +54 physical defense, and +2 HP Rain. In addition, the Antique Cuirass item has a passive that helps fight physical damage from the hero.

Unique Passive – Deter: When hit by an enemy hero skill, reduces his physical attack by 8 percent in 2 seconds. The passive effect, which is a bit overwhelming, can be increased up to 3 stacks.

Winter Truncheon

Hanzo Counter Items

Winter Truncheon Not only does it increase magical power, but this item also increases physical defense and HP, making the hero automatically fatter.

This is a good thing, considering that it has a low price. This active item has a passive called Freeze, this passive freezes the user's hero and provides an immune effect for all damage and debuffs within 2 seconds.

You will not be the target of other heroes at this time. This passive can save you at a critical moment or various deadly combinations like Harley or Aldous.

But this passive can cause your hero to be unable to move when he is passively active, so you also have to have escape skills to be able to save yourself or wait for help.

Unlike WOD, WOD can make heroes immune to any damage in 2 seconds. But when the effect of this item is active, your hero freezes and does nothing. 

This item can be used in almost any hero role. Despite last year's regular MPL 8 season, Kabuki's Uranus had time to take a break from his team before using the Winter Truncheon, which was on its way to prevent enemies from ganking. 


Hanzo Counter Items

The increase in HP and defensive items is very large and will definitely make your hero stronger and harder to kill. But that's not what makes it so popular, it's that passivity is very useful.

Passive This item has a passive Immortal, this passive will resurrect 2.5 seconds after destruction. When activated, the hero receives 16 percent HO and a shield that can absorb 220-1200 damage in 3 seconds.

The passive cooldown is quite long, which is 210 seconds. This passive thing is very useful when you are in a critical situation, because during the awakening process you can wait for skills and spells to cool down or wait for team help.

Use Immortality items in Mobile Legend to get additional stats in the form of +800 HP and +40 physical defense. By adding more phones, you will definitely be stronger in the game and the level of resistance and endurance will be better.

The physical defense of this item allows it to receive strong physical attacks from enemies. We recommend using this item in late play because it will help you survive, even through the Immortality passive skill. 

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Dominance ice

Hanzo Counter Items
Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice is also Hanzo's counter item. Dominance Ice is one of the defense items that is also very suitable for countering Marksman heroes because by using this item you get an additional effect in the form of being able to reduce the opponent's movement speed by 10 percent and reduce the opponent's attack speed by 30 percent. Dominance ice is very suitable to be used to counter Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends. 

Use the items we have described above to counter Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends. The item above is a list of the best items to counter Marksman heroes who have fairly fast damage and attack speed. 

Dominance Ice can also be used to fend off the dangers of MM, like Hanzo for example. Once again, Arctic Cold's passive skill effectively reduces his attack speed.

Of course, a strong dependence on Ice Dominance is not always effective in every game. You have to combine it with other things and hero skills to get all the benefits.

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That's an explanation of the Hanzo counter item recommendations in season 24 of Mobile Legends that you can use. Make it useful and a good source of reference for you. The Hanzo counter items we recommended above make it easier to deal with!

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