The Painful Gusion Midlane Build Item! You Must Try!

Build Gusion Midlane
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As a hero who usually plays as a Core, Gusion is certainly a must have build items that fits and can turn off the opponent's hero.

Therefore, this time VCGamers News would recommend build items gusion midlane the sickest thing you have to try while playing the game Mobile Legends.

Hero Gusion's Strengths and Weaknesses with His Dagger Weapon

Build Gusion Midlane
Skin Legend Gusion.

before trying build gusion midlane which we will recommend, it is important for you to fully understand in advance about this mixed Assassin and Mage hero. Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Gusion hero.

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Excel in the Early Game

Gusion has damage superior in the early minutes of the game. So, don't be surprised if at the beginning of the game Gusion can reach three kill.

Can Avoid Enemy Attacks Easily

With skills blinkWith his various abilities, Gusion can easily dodge opponent's attacks. You can also use these skills for roaming faster.

Difficult for Beginners

Unlike easy heroes like Layla, Miya, Alucard and others. Hero Gusion is very difficult for beginners to try. You have to learn the function of each skill that Gusion has repeatedly.

Can Only Target One Opponent 

All of Gusion's hero skills cannot be used to target multiple enemies. Hero Gusion is only able to lock or set targets on one enemy and wait for skills cooldown to be able to fight the enemy again.

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The Sickest Gusion Midlane Build Recommendation 

Build Gusion Midlane
Gussion gameplay. Source: YouTube Rann Gusion.

In the following, we will provide complete information regarding build Gusion midlane which you can try while playing this one hero. Listen carefully, OK? Vicigers!

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Calamity Reapers

This one item is very important for every hero to have damage type of Magic like Gusion. This item will deliver basic attacks after activating the skill. Of course, this item will be very effective when you are dealing with an opponent who only has a little HP left.

Arcane Boots

You can choose this shoe item if you want to maximize it damage Magic owned by Gusion. Because this shoe item will give Gusion an additional +10 Magical Penetration which is very influential at the beginning of the game.

Concentrated Energy

These are items that you can use for the main defense of the Gusion hero. builds Gusion midlane it will feel awkward if it is not equipped with this item. By using this item, Magic Lifesteal Gusion will increase by +25% and also get an additional HP of +700%.

Holy Crystals

This item is a Magic item that provides the greatest Magic Power increase for all Mage heroes. The amount of Magic Power that will be allocated to Gusion's skills, which ranges up to +35%. Of course this item will make Gusion even better over power throughout the game.

Genius Wand

This item has a unique passive that will give Gusion +10% Magic Penetration and be able to dispel the enemy's Magic Defense of 7% with a duration of two seconds. Apart from that, this item will also give the additional Gusion hero +75% Magic Power and +5% for Movement Speed.

Winter Truncheons

The last item to equip build Gusion midlane is the Winter Truncheon. In general, you have to buy this item when the late game arrives to complete the defense item that was previously in the Gusion build item. Additional information, this item will give Gusion immune from various damage for two seconds.

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Gusion is a hero with quite a challenging level of difficulty. However, armed with build Gusion midlane what we recommend, you can definitely master this hero faster and more fun.

Do you also have any suggestions build Gusion midlane anything else you've tried? Please give your answer in the comments column, OK! Hopefully this article is useful.

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