Iphone 13 Leak Comes With a Smaller Notch

notch iphone 13

Previously, we have also discussed about leakleaked information for the iPhone 13 series, but apparently there is a picture leak which recently appeared as if to inform that the iPhone 13 series will later come with a smaller notch than the previous series.

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iphone 13
iPhone 13 Series

iPhone 13 comes with smaller notch (rumor)

These weeks are the days of a lot of information leak circulating about the latest iPhone that will come out later. leak The latest information shows an image that the next series of iPhone devices in circulation will use a smaller notch than the previous series.

The image above was shared by @duanrui1205 in twitter. The image shows accessories/parts that look like glass visors designed not even for the latest iPhone series to date, and some photos of the iPhone 12 notch are included for comparison.

From the photo, many speculate that the next iPhone series or what we are rumored to be the iPhone 13 will use a smaller notch.

Perhaps the iPhone with a small notch is the best display we will get, considering that with a smaller notch, there will be a lot of space available for the status bar of the iPhone itself.

Pros of the latest iPhone with a small notch (rumor)

notch iphone 13
Notch iPhone 12 Series
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The smaller notch is said to be shrinking to about two-thirds of its current size. Then, there will be more space for notification icons, battery information, etc. at the top of the screen.

While this is still a rumour, the iconic iPhone display notch has been around since 2017 when it debuted on the iPhone X. Since then it has hardly changed at all, and it still exists in the current iPhone 12 series that Apple launched in October 2020 of 2020. then.

While Face ID technology and the selfie camera are still in the notch, the earpiece on the latest iPhones is said to have moved up into the device's bezel.

touch id iphone 13
Touch ID iPhone 13 (rumor)

None of these rumors are definitive for now. Apple is also said to be trying to completely remove the notch from the iPhone screen, perhaps it will have to wait until 2022.

Another rumor floating around is that Touch ID is coming back on the iPhone 13, and it will be embedded under the screen. Earlier this week we also heard predictions about the processor the iPhone 13 will use, and some potential design improvements.

But it feels like we have to look deeper into this, so that leak the information is clearer and less ambiguous. iPhone 13 with a small notch and Touch ID on the screen, you guys agree?

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