Exclusive 7 Interesting Facts about Xiaomi Mi 11 as a Flagship Candidate

Xiaomi Mi 11 Features

Hi Vicigers! One day ago Xiaomi just launched their flagship device, the Xiaomi Mi 11 in Indonesia. It is undeniable, Xiaomi is indeed the best in terms of attracting potential buyers with relatively cheaper device prices when compared to its competitors with more or less the same or even higher specifications. Priced at the official price of ten million less than one thousand rupiah, the Xiaomi Mi 11 was officially launched and sales began to be held on a pre-order basis on March 23, 2021, either offline or online at their official retail/partner.

Then after being officially launched in Indonesia, it turns out that there are some differences from the Xiaomi Mi 11 product which was launched for the first time in Mainland China with the Xiaomi Mi 11 product in Indonesia. What's the difference? What's interesting about the Xiaomi Mi 11? Let's break it down one by one.

7 Interesting Facts From Prospective Xiaomi Mi 11 Flagship In Indonesia

  • Sold as a package with 55 Watt GaN charger

Unlike the sales package in their home country, where the Xiaomi Mi 11 is sold without a charger head and even without a type-c data cable (but there is still an option to sell separately). In Indonesia, Xiaomi offers something different, direct sales packages are embedded with a 55 Watt GaN charger, so that charging the Xiaomi Mi 11 can be more optimal by maximizing the acceptable power. As Mi Fans, you must be very happy to hear this news, right? The problem is that Xiaomi's own official GaN charger, has already been sold separately at a price of approximately 300 thousand rupiah.

  • The first smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 in the world and Indonesia

Being the first to use the flagship 8xx series chipset from Qualcomm, may be the desire of many smartphone brands, but Xiaomi first made it happen. Of course, not only the first in Indonesia, but the Xiaomi Mi 11 is also the first in the world to use the speeding chipset from Qualcomm, namely Snapdragon 888. Although there are many negative issues regarding this chipset, especially about the 'hot' issue. Hopefully in the future Xiaomi will always hear complaints, as well as input from users, and immediately clarify this issue.

  • AMOLED panel display/20:9/2K/HDR10+/120Hz/1500 nits . ratio

This time, we will discuss the general one, this panel made by Samsung is the main attraction for the Xiaomi Mi 11, don't doubt the quality. Moreover, the resolution is 2K, 20:9 ratio with HDR10+ which supports refresh rates up to 120Hz, especially this panel is also supported with the highest brightness level of up to 1500 nits, meaning you don't need to be afraid of losing your point of view, even if you are in the hot sun. Just imagine, watching movies or playing any game on this device will definitely be very comfortable in the eyes.

  • Stereo speakers by Harman Kardon

Do you know Harman Kardon? If you don't know, we'll tell you briefly. This speaker from Harman Kardon has never disappointed most of the listeners' ears. Many brands of gadgets from laptop/PC devices, smartphones, and others have embedded Harman Kardon speakers in their devices. Hopefully the stereo speaker by Harman Kardon on the Xiaomi Mi 11 will meet our expectations, yes, whose ears really want to be pampered.

  • 108MP main camera, two other cameras (ultrawide and telemacro) with dual-tone LED flash, and a 20MP selfie camera

The main camera, which has very large megapixels, doesn't seem like it's just a gimmick, there are many gadget reviewers who have proven the good quality of the Xiaomi Mi 11 default camera. The camera on this device is also equipped with an OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) function which will ensure that the shots or videos you take later are anti-blur.

If asked, do you still need GCam using Xiaomi Mi 11? The answer depends, do you prefer the original Xiaomi Mi 11 color tone or do you have a GCam? The choice is all yours, depending on whether there will be a GCam port that is okay or not for the Xiaomi Mi 11. But if you look at the default results, it seems that the Xiaomi Mi 11 doesn't need a GCam, especially since Xiaomi has embedded night mode in its three camera modules, namely the main wide camera, ultrawide camera, and finally the selfie camera.

  • One storage and RAM variant and two color choices for the Indonesian market

It's a shame that the Xiaomi Mi 11 that came out officially in Indonesia only has one 8/256GB variant. But don't be discouraged, the 8/256GB variant, which is priced at 10 million less than a thousand rupiah, is the best deal for a smartphone with the latest Snapdragon 888 chipset and a myriad of other cool features. Fortunately, Xiaomi offers two of its flagship colors for the Mi 11, namely Horizon Blue and Midnight Gray. Which one do you choose?

  • Completeness and other supporting features that are no less important

Oh yes, in the sales package, Xiaomi is still kind enough to provide a softcase for the Mi 11 and also provides scratch resistance installed on its device. Then what is no less important, 55 Watt turbo charging and fast wireless charging up to 50 Watt on a 4600mAh battery, NFC, IR blaster, under display finger print with heart rate monitor function, are supporting functions that further complement the cool Mi 11. The absence of a 3.5mm audio jack is indeed a problem for some people, but it is still helpful, because you can use your flagship Bluetooth wireless/TWS headset on this device, because Mi 11 already supports Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX HD and Adaptive. In addition, if you have other devices that support wireless charging, the claim is that the Mi 11 has a reverse wireless charging feature, which means you can charge other devices that also have a wireless charging feature.

First, let's briefly review the interesting facts of the Mi 11 which became the flagship at the end of the first quarter of 2021. Interested in buying after reading this article? Or are you still looking for another dream smartphone? The decision is still in your hands.

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