INFANTRY, Valorant's New Weapon Skin!

INFANTRY, Valorant's New Weapon Skin!

Hello Vicigers, this time we will discuss the latest skin from valorant. Valorant recently released a new weapon skin called INFANTRY which offers an appearance resembling a World War 2 weapon.

weapons that get skin The infantry are Ares, Ghost, Guardian, Operator, and Specter. 

Regarding price, all five can be purchased at a unit price of 875 Valorant Points (VP). Players can also buy all five at once for 3,500 VP.

Unfortunately this latest Infantry bundle will not feature upgradeable add-ons. That is, they will not have special effects, other color variants, or different sounds.

The absence of this special effect also means that the price of the Infantry bundle will be cheaper than the usual bundles.

Now, this time vicigers can see the appearance of the latest valorant weapon skin:

GHOST – which is priced at 875 VP


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