Must Choose 1, Indihome VS First Media Which Is Good? Part 2

Indihome VS First Media

Hi Vicigers! Continuing our discussion yesterday, which one is good, Indihome vs First Media? Have you read part 1 yet? If not, check here.

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Even though these two ISPs (Indihome vs. First Media) are not what we excel at in terms of providing the best and most qualified internet service, if your home is stuck with these two ISPs, what would you say?

Just a little review, in part 1 we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the First Media internet service provider, now let's discuss, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Indihome.

Advantages of Indihome

  • Internet speed 1:5

Actually, this is also not an advantage, but because we are only comparing 2 Indihome vs First Media providers, it's fine if this is included in the Indihome advantage category.

2x better than First Media, indihome offers 1:5 internet speed, which means that if you subscribe to 20Mbps internet, you will get 20Mbps download and 4Mbps upload.

So far, we are also surprised, where other providers are competing to provide 'good' services by providing 1:1 or 1:2 speed, these two old player providers still insist on their old speed policy, as if they don't want to look at developments.

  • Get Android TV Box

Again, when only compared to First Media, this time Indihome won in terms of pampering its customers.

Android TV Box support will give Indihome service users a better experience with their TV, especially if the customer doesn't have a Smart/Android TV before.

They will feel how easy it is to watch Youtube, listen to Spotify or other things directly from their TV.

Interestingly, the latest TV Box now supports voice commands and can install applications directly from the Play Store, no longer relying on the USee Store.

Disadvantages of Indihome

  • Using Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

It is common knowledge, Indihome is famous for its FUP. It hasn't changed since Indihome was first introduced (formerly Speedy).

Of course, the amount of FUP given to customers will be different, depending on what internet package they subscribe to. For example, for basic internet + TV services, Indihome usually offers 300-500GB FUP/month FUP.

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