4 Cheap Vivo HP Latest Official Warranty 2021

Cheap Vivo Y20 2021 HP

Are you really in love with Vivo? Can't move to another heart? Don't worry, we will give you some information on cheap Vivo cellphones in 2021, below the price of 2 million rupiah.

Before we give you information about cheap Vivo HP which we will discuss after this, you should first read our article regarding how much internal memory is right for your HP daily driver in 2021, here.

4 Cheap Vivo HP Official Warranty Year 2021

  • Vivo Y1s 2/32GB

Vivo Y1s
Source: Vivo Indonesia Official Website

The first Vivo cellphone, we start from the cheapest series, namely Vivo Y1s.

Comes with a minimalist appearance, unlike most cellphones at this time which have more than 1 main camera.

This cheap Vivo cellphone is only equipped with one main camera with a resolution of 13MP which is also equipped with an LED flash, and a 5MP selfie camera.

The processor used is a Mediatek Helio P35, with support for 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal memory. The RAM is the problem. For 2021, we really don't recommend you use RAM with a capacity of 2GB.

This will really torment you, but if you are one of those people who are patient with slow cellphones due to a lack of RAM, this might not be a big problem.

The consequence that you have to accept is that you cannot play mainstream games smoothly if the game has a minimum of upper-middle class specifications. For example, like free fire/PUBG, you have to be willing to adjust the left-aligned graphics settings, so that this game can be played, even though it will feel uncomfortable too.

We think the 4030mAh battery is enough to accompany you from the morning to the end of office hours. Of course, with daily use in general, yes, not playing games from full battery until the battery runs out. The minus is the charging port and data transfer on this cellphone still uses microUSB without fast charging support.

You can get this cheap Vivo HP price in the marketplace/e-commerce for around 1.2 million rupiah. It's really cheap, but for daily use, we recommend you to take the Vivo series above.

  • Vivo Y12s 3/32GB

Vivo Y12s
Source: Vivo Indonesia official website

Having more RAM than Y1s, makes us think we can recommend this cheap Vivo cellphone for you, Vicigers.

The setup of the two main cameras that are visible, at first glance, looks like having 3 cameras, making the Vivo Y12s a contemporary HP, of course, with designs and colors that are quite attractive in our opinion. It's very important for you, don't be fooled! The Y12s only has two main cameras instead of three.

This cheap Vivo cellphone has the same processor as the Y1s, but with some advantages of course. As in the camera sector, in addition to the dual main camera, this cellphone also has a selfie camera whose resolution is better than the Y1s, which is 8MP.

A larger screen, measuring 6.51 inches, makes this cellphone more comfortable for playing games or just watching Youtube/movies.

Not to forget, this cellphone also has a larger battery, which is 5000mAh. Still without fast charging support and still using microUSB, but this time Vivo Y12s supports reverse charging, so you can charge your other gadgets that run out of battery in an emergency.

This cellphone is priced at around 1.7 million only.

  • Vivo Y20 3/64GB

Vivo Y20
Source: Vivo Indonesia official website
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Still with 3GB of RAM, but with a larger internal memory, which is 64GB.

This time, the Vivo Y20 is really equipped with a 3 main camera setup without any gimmicks like the Y12s. It is also equipped with an 8MP (wide) selfie camera.

The 6.51-inch screen, and powered by the Snapdragon 460 processor from Qualcomm, makes this cellphone more worthy of a loan than the Y12s let alone the Y1s.

Interestingly this time, with a 5000mAh battery, although it still uses microUSB, this cellphone already supports 18 Watt fast charging.

For those of you who are interested in this cheap Vivo cellphone, you can ask for the Y20 at a price of 1.85 million, still not more than 2 million rupiah.

  • Vivo Y20 2021 4/64GB

Vivo Y20 2021
Source: Vivo Indonesia official website

It feels like if you already have the Vivo Y20, you don't need to upgrade to the Y20 2021. Because apart from the RAM which has increased to 4GB, the rest there is no significant increase. Physical form was identical twins.

Even now the Y20 2021 is back using the Mediatek Helio P35 processor, without supporting fast charging.

Adding a gyro sensor and changing the main camera aperture setting to f/1.8 which was previously f/2.2, is also not an interesting thing as the person with the name HP 2021. The price of the Vivo Y20 2021 also increased by 100 thousand from the previous series to 1.95 million.

So, for those of you who previously owned the Y20, we don't think you need to bother upgrading to the Y20 2021, unless you want to increase your budget and buy a Vivo X series or V series, we highly recommend it.

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