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Call of Duty
Call of Duty: Mobile 10 vs 10 Mode Tricks. Although it has been around for a long time, Call of Duty: Mobile has succeeded in gaining popularity in a short time. One of the reasons is that the gameplay presented is quite solid, making the game made by TiMi Studios immediately popular with gamers. Prepared various exciting game modes including Battle Mode 10 vs 10 Call of Duty: Mobile, namely Domination and Team Deathmatch.
Call of Duty

Both modes present an exciting gameplay because they require players to compete in teams. That means adequate teamwork is needed. In addition to having great shooting skills, there are various techniques that gamers must learn. If used properly, of course the opportunity for the team to be number one will be more open. Moreover, the publisher is choosing Call of Duty: Mobile players to represent Indonesia in a global championship. Check out how the trick to win Mode 10 vs 10 Call of Duty: Mobile:

Immediately Mastering Target B

When choosing Domination, there are 3 target locations that must be occupied, namely A, B, and C. The goal is to get points and then achieve victory. In order to get the advantage of Mode 10 vs 10 Call of Duty: Mobile, it's best to grab Target B as soon as possible, which is in the middle of the map. If successful in making it happen, then the team has the opportunity to be more open in dominating the battle in this game. This move will allow players to reach Target C which is located at the enemy team's headquarters.

Use the Right Perk

Game Call of Duty: Mobile offers a variety of perks to choose from, which immediately generate certain advantages when fighting. Then the most suitable perk for Domination is Lightweight, which is able to increase movement speed by up to 10 percent. This step will allow players to reach Target B or maybe even C instantly, including applying the next tips, namely playing actively. Meanwhile, to face Team Deathmatch, it is recommended to take the Vulture perk in order to get the ammo of the conquered enemy. Using this perk in Call of Duty: Mobile 10 vs 10 Mode, especially if you master perfect shooting skills, players don't have to worry about running out of bullets.

Active Play

When playing Domination or Team-Death Match, the advantage is achieved through the points obtained, namely mastering the objective for a long time. Since the total kills collected will not affect points, playing active to aggressive Mode 10 vs 10 Call of Duty: Mobile is the main step. There is no penalty if the character being played is killed, so there is no need to hesitate to attack to control the enemy area. But avoid doing raids haphazardly. Players must carry out cooperative attacks with teammates.

Smoke Grenade Always on Hand

Invading enemy territory, of course, tends to be risky in Call of Duty: Mobile 10 vs 10 Mode. Therefore, equipping yourself with a Smoke Grenade is really important for players. Using the grenade, players can approach or take cover around the target object without being detected by the opponent. Try to use this Smoke Grenade while lying down, because this step will definitely make it difficult for the enemy when they want to monitor movement.

Secondary Weapon, Use SMRS

Especially when playing Domination Mode 10 vs 10 Call of Duty: Mobile, SMRS is the greatest weapon in killing enemies because they will usually be on standby in groups. If used properly, SMRS can clear the enemy team with one shot. Therefore, it is recommended for Call of Duty: Mobile gamers to rely on SMRS for secondary weapons. It's been one year since the launch of Call of Duty Mobile. In those twelve months, this shooting game has achieved a strong position in the mobile market with over 300 million downloads. Call of Duty Mobile was introduced last year with just 14 maps, but that number increased to 23 in its tenth season. This game also currently has 27 instead of one mode and a more varied number of weapons than any console game.

In addition, Call of Duty Mobile is now ranked as the third best-selling mobile shooting game, only behind Free Fire from Fortnite and PUBG. This is certainly a great achievement for a mobile game that has only been out for a year. The mobile platform continues to grow rapidly. Thanks to the advent of smartphone gaming, cloud gaming, and 5G, mobile platforms are becoming increasingly widespread and important. Mobile games are also benefiting from the rise of the esports world. For example, Call of Duty Mobile had its first world tournament recently.

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