How to Use Otho Free Fire: Ability, Weapon, Skill Combo, And More!

Otho FF

Otho freefire, one of the newest characters from the OB30 Free Fire update. Check this post to know more about him. Starting from Ability, skill combos, weapons and more.

Garena has added 2 new characters to Free Fire every major OB, and OB30 is no exception to this rule.

While added characters are usually based on collaborations, original Free Fire characters like Xayne or Shirou are still being created. In patch OB30 we will get two of them, Otho and Leon. 

In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about Otho Free Fire.

Otho Free Fire Backgrounds & Designs


Otho Free Fire

Since Otho Free Fire is not based on any real-life characters we know of, the background is rather simple. He is actually one of the new characters added in the Free Fire E-comic.

In Free Fire knowledge, Otho Free Fire is a memory technology engineer at a polytechnic university. This may be related to his special ability, Memory Mist.


Otho Free Fire

Otho wore a black and white tracksuit, with sleeves and shoes covered in a red and green pattern. She also tied her hair into a ponytail. Overall, Otho Free Fire's design is pretty good, but not too flashy like the usual Free Fire collab characters.

Otho Skills

Otho Free Fire

The skill is another type of “scan” skill. This skill reveals the location of other enemies within a certain distance. When you level up the Otho Free Fire skill, the Memory Mist's area of effect increases.

Given his background, this is likely an application of "memory technology", with Otho obtaining the short-term memory of his target, who knows the location of his teammates. 

Overall, the skills are identical to the mystery characters on the OB30 Advance server. Garena doesn't seem to see the need to buff or nerf. Since 50 meters is a fairly small area for solo mode, this ability was probably designed for squad battles, in both Clash Squad and Battle Royale.

Knowing the opponent's location allows the team to plan accordingly and win. The information obtained from this skill is also shared with teammates.

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Skill Combo 

With Otho's ability as a passive skill, you can combine it with almost any skill in the game. However, to take advantage of its short scan period, you need to be close to the target.

Memory Mist can be considered as an alternative version of Skill Clu that doesn't take up your active slot. Overall, there are 2 types of combos that can be used with Otho: medium-range attackers or melee attackers.

Combo rusher With Otho Free Fire

Otho Free Fire

With this combo, you usually do melee and personal attacks with an SMG or shotgun and try to do as much damage as possible.

The best characters to combo with him with this style of play are Hayato, Shirou, Kelly and Jota. Their skills are excellent in close combat, especially Jota, after a big boost in OB29.

Attacker Combo With Otho Free Fire

Otho Free Fire

Other characters in Free Fire will be game changers in 4 vs 4 battles. As attackers, when defeating enemies, the team will get some information to rush in.

Just don't pick his abilities with Clu to avoid overlapping. The best abilities to use with his attackers are Dasha, Jai, Thiva, Hayato.

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Best Weapon Combo

Otho Free Fire

Its abilities are quite versatile and can be used with close to medium range weapons. Avoid using his skills in sniper building, as you won't be able to take advantage of such disclosed info.

In general, for rushing builds, the best weapons to combine with it are MP40 and Vector Akimbo, the deadliest SMG in Free Fire. For mid-range builds, any AR or DMR will suffice.

Overall, this character is quite useful in Clash Squad mode, where people often pile up together. After the kill, pal Vicigers should be able to reveal all enemies around the target location for a short period of time, allowing the team to enter.

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People rarely get together in solo mode, unless they're fighting. Because of that, the skill wouldn't be of much use.

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