How to Use Hero Argus on the Latest 1.5.52 Mobile Legend Patch

Hero Argus on Patch 1.5.52

For gamers friends, of course you know that in the latest 1.5.52 Mobile Legend patch, Argus became one of the nerfed heroes. Obviously, this will make Argus an influential hero in the match. But actually, how do you use Hero Argus? Take it easy, my friend will definitely get a tutorial using this one hero.

Friend gamers who are still beginners, of course you are still unfamiliar with Hero Argus. This is because Argus itself is rarely used for several seasons. However, the appearance of this latest patch changed Argus' life. This hero will be the choice of pro players in draft pick mode.

Well, for those of you who are still new and want to use this Argus hero, don't worry. Because, below will be reviewed about the use of this Argus hero. Check out the explanation below.

Overview of How to Use Hero Argus Mobile Legend

As is known, Argus is a Mobile Legend hero who is included in the Fighter role. His stature is like a knight in anime with a look filled with green and black all over his body. In fact, this hero looks like a black green Kamen Rider. Then Argus has the main weapon, namely a green sword that is used to fight enemies in the Land of Dawn.

Actually, since Argus' appearance in Mobile Legend, he has unmatched power, just like other heroes. Even interestingly, Argus is very much feared by opponents in several seasons. After that, the weakness of this hero began to be detected and made him often retreat during battle. The weakness lies in ulti, so when Argus ulti, the enemy will dodge and run. When the ulti runs out, the opponent will attack back.

Then the meta in the draft pick was turned around. At that time, the popularity of Argus was replaced by Bane who was also a Fighter role hero. But now, Argus has returned and is ready to crush the opponents in front of him.

How to use Hero Argus Mobile Legend

Meanwhile, by using Argus, you have to focus on items and level up. One way is, you have to play solo in the upper lane. Kill all minions, jungles, klomangs, turtles, and enemies. So, this will make your level up and ready for war. If your level is above the average of the opponents, then it has become a big threat.

Then, my friend can use the battle spell Fury or Excute, so that the resulting damage is even greater when carrying out an attack. In addition, the battle spell also affects the power of the sword. So it can be said that the use of battle also affects the war against the enemy. Therefore, you use the battle spell Fury or Excute to increase the sharpness of the sword.

In addition, you must use a suitable build item. It is recommended to use one item movement speed, one item defense, and the rest is item attack. So with this build, Argus will become invulnerable, even if he continues to be gang banged and attacked.

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