Here's How to Easily Open a Forgotten Cellphone Pattern!

How to open a cell phone that forgot the pattern
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Did you use a pattern password or password on your cellphone, then forgot it? Don't worry, this time VCGamers will tell you how to unlock a forgotten cellphone pattern.

Intrigued by these two ways? Check it out below!

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Maintain HP Privacy With Patterns and Passwords

Illustration of a locked cellphone. Source: VCGamers.

Having a strong level of security is everyone's desire so that it is not used by others. Starting from email passwords, game passwords, to cellphone passwords.

To keep your cellphone safe from accidental touches or from unscrupulous hands, there are several security features. Starting from sliding the button, using patterns, PINs, entering passwords, and fingerprints.

Types of Security on Samsung HP. Source: VCGamers.

Of the five HP security above, security with patterns and fingerprints is a safe way. However, in terms of convenience, patterns are used more often.

The pattern in question is a security system that requires you to connect 4-9 points in one touch. If calculated mathematically, these 4-9 dots can have a possible pattern of up to 362871 patterns!

Of the many possible patterns, you are only asked to make one pattern for you to remember. This pattern will later become your master key to unlock your cellphone or change settings.

Fingerprints are actually the strongest security system, because everyone has one different fingerprints. But usually it will be accompanied by one of the other types of security as a "Backup plan".

Often cellphone users forget how to open the pattern they made themselves, especially when they just made or changed a pattern. Or even they deliberately made a very difficult pattern, so it was difficult for him to open it himself.

If you enter the wrong pattern, the cellphone will provide an increasing time delay. In fact, some brands of HP make the lock system permanent!

So therefore, VCGamers will tell you about two ways how to open a forgotten cellphone pattern. Check out the two ways below!

The First Way to Open a Forgotten HP Pattern – “Forgot Pattern”

How to open a cell phone that forgot the pattern
Pattern Security System. Source: VCGamers.

One way you can do this is to use the "Forgot Pattern". The way it works is similar to how you forget the password on your Facebook or Instagram account.

However, the "Forgot Pattern" option only applies to Android 4.4 or older version. For newer versions, the “Forgot Pattern” option has been removed.

Here are the steps:

  • Enter the wrong pattern several times until the "Forgot Pattern" option appears
  • Click the "Forgot Pattern" option
  • Enter the Google account linked to your cellphone (username and password)
  • Select "Reset Screen Lock" and create a new pattern according to what you want
  • Save the settings.

After that, you can try opening your cellphone with a new pattern.

The second way to open a forgotten cellphone pattern - Factory Reset

How to open a cell phone that forgot the pattern
Factory reset loading illustration.

This is the last way and the only way out if you forget your cellphone pattern. Considering that the "Forget Pattern" option has disappeared in the latest version, the only way out is to do a factory reset.

There is a good reason why the “Forget Pattern” option was removed. The first is that there is a possibility that someone will find your Google username and password. If he knows, then he can change the pattern and unlock your cellphone.

Not only changing your cellphone pattern at will, but there is also the potential to change the security settings to fingerprint or passwords. Of course this will be very detrimental to HP owners.

To maintain security, then the only way out Factory Reset. Here are the steps:

  • Turn off the HP first in several ways:
    • Long pressing the power button
    • Choose the Shut Down or Restart option, or
    • Let the HP run out of battery. This method is done if the cellphone cannot be turned off with the power button.
  • Turn on the cellphone again while pressing one of the several button combinations below to enter the "Recovery Mode“:
    • Power and Volume button –
    • Power and Volume + button
    • Power, Home, and Volume buttons –
    • Power, Home, and Volume + Buttons (Each type, shape, and brand of HP has a different way to enter Recovery Mode)
  • After entering the "Recovery Mode" section, you can find and click the "Factory Reset" setting
  • After a while, the HP is ready to be used again

You can re-enter the cellphone account that you will use on the cellphone, just like the first time you bought it. But the risk that you accept is that all settings, data and applications on the cellphone have been lost.

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Those are two ways to open a forgotten cellphone pattern. Every cellphone maker certainly wants the best product in terms of privacy. Therefore, you must be careful not to forget.

You can outsmart it by making a small note stored inside Google Drive, at home, or somewhere only you can access it. If at any time you forget, you can see the note.

So, are you now able to unlock your cellphone pattern?

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