The Latest Free FF Diamond Spin Method

Free FF Diamond spins
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Do you want to know how to spin the latest free diamond ff? If so, you really have to read this article to the end so you don't miss the info.

Free Spin Diamond ff is a way to get in-game diamonds for free without having to buy or use free fire redeem code

Diamonds are very important to buy items or premium items in the game. If you have a lot of diamonds in your account, you can buy all kinds of expensive skins. 

It's no secret that you also need a lot of money to be able to buy a deep diamond free fire games. Of course this is a problem for those of you who don't have enough money to buy it. 

But don't worry, guys. There are many ways to get free diamonds. One of them is with a free ff diamond spin. Curious? Just look at this article to the end.

Free FF Diamond Spins

In this guide, VCGamers will share two methods that are commonly used by players. Where you can use the application or without the application.

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Free FF Diamond spins
spin Diamond free fire on the website. Source: GGWP.

How to spin free ff diamonds or other items on this site is very simple, so you have to be able to do it yourself. Here are the steps to be able to win diamond prizes at; 

  1. Enter the site and simply click the menu or “Start Play” button.
  2. The prizes that Vicigers get depend on luck, so don't forget to pray to get the gifts you want.
  3. After successfully getting the prize, all you have to do is click the “Get it Now” button.
  4. After that, log in using your VK or FB account. 
  5. Follow the instructions provided by the site, if you follow the steps correctly, then you can get free ff diamonds.
  6. Congratulations, you can get abundant free fire diamonds without an application.

By following the simple steps described above, you can already get diamond free fire, especially if your luck is at stake and you can get 9999 diamonds.

Therefore, if you intend to try this site, don't stop praying and hope to get 9999 diamonds.

Using the Application

Diamond FF
Diamond FF. Source: TIMES Indonesia

There are two applications that we recommend for free ff diamond spins, namely Lucky Spin The Wheel: Win Free FF Diamonds and Spin Rewards: Lucky Spin.

Lucky Spin The Wheel: Win Free FF Diamonds is one of the most popular apps. This application developed by Imerging Apps is a spinner game that depends on luck as a player. 

How to play free diamonds on Lucky Spin The Wheel: Win Free FF Diamonds is really easy. Just spin the wheel with coins and diamonds. Wherever the wheel ends, you will get bonus diamonds. 

Secondly there is the Spin Rewards application: Lucky Spin which was developed by the Ouma company. This game can not only be used to generate FF diamonds but also other royale games such as PUBG Mobile.

How to play Spin Rewards: Lucky Spin is very simple. Like other spin wheel games, you will have the opportunity to spin a wheel full of prizes. Wherever the pointer ends up, that's what you get.

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Diamond Manual Spin in FF Game

Get diamond Royale from spin Diamond free fire. Source: VCGamers.

So what's the right way to take part in the manual prize program in the free fire game? Please follow the steps below; 

  1. Open the Free Fire application and immediately enter the advanced programming menu. 
  2. Open Royal Diamond Event.
  3. Then, click the “Play” menu. 
  4. You have to use 50 diamonds for one round.

The more you spin or rotate, the more diamonds you will spend. If you don't have a problem with that, you can keep spinning until you get the prize you want.

Those are some of the free ff diamond spin methods or methods that you need to know. How, do you have another way? Please share in the comments column!

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Don't forget to top up free fire diamonds only at VCGamers!

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