How to take a screenshot on a laptop, it's easy!

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How to screenshot on a laptop is very easy if you know it.

You might be looking for a way to screenshot on a laptop to make your work easier or help you complete your task.

Sometimes, taking screenshots is needed when doing a job.

Especially if you are used to doing tasks using a laptop.

This of course needs to be known to facilitate your work.

Or, taking screenshots can also help you to do all the tasks.

For that, you need to know how to screenshot on a laptop to make your work easier.

Maybe some of you already know how. However, there may still be some who don't know about it.

So, this time we will convey how to screenshot on a laptop.

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How to Screenshoot on a Laptop

How to screenshot on laptop
Illustration How to screenshot on a laptop.

There are several ways that you can use when you want to take a screenshot on your laptop.

Here are a number of ways that you can try right now so you can give it a try.

But before that, I want to say that this is a way to screenshot on a laptop without using an application.

You can try it right now!

Use PrtSc . Key

The first way you can try is without additional applications.

You can take a screenshot by pressing the PrtSc (PrintScreen) button.

Use this button to get the screenshot you want.

The way to do it is very easy.

You just need to press the PrtSc key on your keyboard.

Then open Pain on your laptop.

Next, select paste or press Ctrl + V at the same time or you just need to right click on your mouse.

Then, you can select paste and the image will appear on the paint page.

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Alt + PrtSc

You can also try to capture the screen using Alt-PrtSc.

Press both buttons at the same time.

Then, specify the area you want to get.

Open paint and paste the screenshot you took.

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Press Windows Key + Prt Sc

The next way is to press the Windows key + Prt Sc.

You can try it to get a screenshot. It's also very easy.

Namely, by pressing the Windows key and Prt Sc on your laptop.

After that, your screen will flash briefly. If you have, you see the results of the image on your laptop.

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Snip & Sketch

You can take screenshots using Snip & Sketch on each laptop.

This method also does not need to use additional applications.

Go to the menu and search for Snip & Sketch.

After that, a new window will appear. Then, you can select the image you want to screenshot.

Then you just have to save the image.

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