How to Make a Cobblestone Generator Easily

How to Make a Cobblestone Generator
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Minecraft is a very popular game thanks to the freedom that players can have to play the game, but the main goal of Survival mode is to survive. One way to survive is to build a cobblestone generator.

This time, VCGamers will tell you how to make a cobblestone generator. With a cobblestone generator, you can get unlimited cobblestones in only one place.

The majority of generators in Minecraft are quite complicated for players to create. However, don't worry! This cobblestone generator is very easy for you to make because it only requires a few tools and blocks Minecraft.

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How to Make a Cobblestone Generator

How to Make a Minecraft Cobblestone Generator
Examples of Cobblestone Generators. Source: YouTube/Tech Insider

You can mine cobblestone in one place and the cobblestone will not run out. You can do this by making a cobblestone generator.

As the name suggests, the cobblestone generator is a mechanic that you can use to mine unlimited cobblestones. As a generator, this mechanic will produce cobblestone after you mine the cobblestone block.

For those of you who are curious, here is the easiest way to make a cobblestone generator Tech Insiders. This method is very easy because you only need a lava bucket, water bucket, shovel to dig, and a pickaxe to mine cobblestone.

  1. Dig up four blocks in a row.
  2. Dig one block below the third order block.
  3. Place the water in the fourth order block, the water will flow to the block dug down (third order).
  4. Place the lava on the first order block.
  5. Lava and water will meet to produce cobblestone.
  6. Dig a block next to the cobblestone.
  7. The cobblestone mine is not limited to the newly dug block area next to the Cobblestone as shown above.

With the cobblestone generator, you can get unlimited cobblestones. Cobblestone actually has uses that can help you survive in Minecraft.

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Uses of Cobblestone

Cobblestone House
Cobblestone House. Source: Minecraft Forums

Cobblestone is a block that you often find deep in caves when mining. However, you may get tired of looking for cobblestones. Therefore, the cobblestone generator can provide cobblestone easily.

You can mine cobblestone using a pickaxe. If you mine without using a pickaxe, you won't get cobblestone.

The strength of the cobblestone exceeds the strength of the stone, so you need more time to destroy the cobblestone.

There are various places that you can explore to find cobblestones. These places were dungeons, fortresses, snowy tundra villages, villager houses, and others.

You can use cobblestone as a very useful building block. The building blocks of cobblestone are very useful because they withstand multiple explosions.

Apart from building blocks, you can also use cobblestone to make Brewing Stands, Dispensers, and Furnaces.

With cobblestone, you can also make various tools such as Stone Sword to fight enemies, Stone Pickaxe to mine Iron, Stone Ax to get wood from trees, Stone Shovel to dig the ground, and finally Stone Hoe to grow crops.

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About Minecraft

Minecraft posters. Source: Nintendo

Mojang Studios released a sandbox game called Minecraft in 2011. Minecraft players will explore 3D world which is unlimited.

In this infinite world, players will get raw materials, tools, and also build various kinds of buildings to survive.

Players can choose two available game modes, namely Survival and Creative. In Survival mode, players must obtain various resources to build a house and survive various dangers.

Apart from that, players can also finish Minecraft by killing Ender Dragon. However, players must face various dangerous enemies such as enemies in the Nether.

If the player chooses Creative mode, then the player can have unlimited resources and fly to build whatever the player wants.

It doesn't stop there, players can also join servers that provide various new game modes such as Skyblock and Bed Wars and skins from other players.

Therefore, Minecraft is very popular among the general public thanks to its almost unlimited content.

This is the discussion about the cobblestone generator and Minecraft in general, I hope this is useful and have fun exploring the world of Minecraft.

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