How to Get BTS Bundle on Free Fire MAX

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One of the coolest events in 2022 is the BTS event and Free Fire. There are various interesting items that can be obtained. Well, on this page there is a way to get the BTS bundle.

Free Fire collaborated with BTS in early 2022, and the developers filled the game with various themed collectibles, including skins, emotes, and more.

Among all the items, the themed outfits based on the band members are the main highlight. These were previously available to exchange for BTS Crystals, but not every user managed to collect enough of them.

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Due to high demand, the skins released as part of the partnership have been relaunched in the new Luck Royale on the Indonesian server. Gamers can spend diamonds and get any items they previously missed. However, there is a way to get BTS bundle easily.

How to Get BTS Bundle Using Crystal

How to Get BTS Bundle
True Charm Loot Box – FF x BTS

The exclusive Free Fire MAX x BTS item is back in the game, and the developer has given players one more chance to find out how to get the BTS bundle.

It is available from Luck Royale recently. This event features several skins along with BTS Crystal, which can be used to get the bundle.

However, this event is expensive because players have to spend 40 diamonds for one round, and the 10+1 round package will return 400 diamonds. However, to compensate, Garena offers Purple Coins which can be exchanged for items from the shop's redemption section.

The prize pool for BTS Royale is as follows:

  • BTS Crystal
  • Easy Easy emote
  • Winner Throw emote
  • Gloo Wall – Deceptive Fearless
  • Blush Flush Backpack
  • True Charm Loot Box
  • Motor Bike – Soldier Nightmare
  • Sports Car – Golder Undaunted
  • 10x Purple Coins
  • 5x Purple Coins
  • 3x Purple Coins
  • 2x Purple Coins
  • 1x Purple Coin
  • MP40 – Bloody Gold Weapon Loot Crate
  • SCAR – Blood Moon Weapon
  • Kpop Stardom Weapon Loot Crate
  • Game Streamer Weapon Loot Crate

After making a spin, the user can exchange the Purple Coins for items from the exchange section at Free Fire MAX. The available items are as follows:

  • BTS Crystal: 30x Purple Coin
  • Easy Peasy emote: 20x Purple Coin
  • Winner Throw emote: 15x Purple Coin
  • Gloo Wall – Deceptive Fearless: 15x Purple Coin
  • Blush Flush Backpack: 10x Purple Coin
  • True Charm Loot Box: 7x Purple Coin
  • Motor Bike – Soldier Nightmare: 7x Purple Coin
  • Sports Car – Golder Undaunted: 5x Purple Coin
  • Pet kin: Tricky Jolly: 5x Purple Coin
  • Purple Dazzle T-shirt: 5x Purple Coin
  • GEN FF lobby music: 5x Purple Coin
  • Breezer Surfboard: 5x Purple Coin
  • Lightning Strike Weapon Loot Crate: 3x Purple Coin
  • Violet Haze: 3x Purple Coin
  • Dashing Illusion Pin: 3x Purple Coin
  • Raise your hands: 3x Purple Coin
  • Bonfire: 1x Purple Coin

How to get a bts bundle you can do a round by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Lucky Royale section by selecting the given options.
  2. Next, they can choose BTS Royale and make rounds until they receive BTS Crystals or collect enough coins. Players can later exchange coins for Crystals.

That's how to get a BTS bundle using crystal points. There is still a way to get the BTS bundle in a way like below.

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How to Get BTS Crystals

How to Get BTS Bundle
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The collaboration between BTS and Free Fire MAX is one of the most important events for this year's game. It introduced various things based on the famous K-pop boy band, and many of the band's loyal followers became interested in playing the battle royale title.

Those who missed the event hoped the developers would bring back the unique stuff, which it did. Event"BTS Royale" has started on the Indonesia Free Fire MAX Server and includes themed items such as BTS Crystal, which is required to unlock the bundle.

BTS Royale starts today and will run for a week. It offers BTS Crystal and other themed gifts, including two emotes, Gloo Wall skin, backpack skin, loot box skin, and more.

Like all Luck Royales, users have to pay for diamonds for a chance to receive the available rewards. Each spin will cost you 40 diamonds, while 10 + 1 spin costs 400 diamonds.

It should be noted that there is no guarantee that players will receive BTS Crystals directly from the spin, and it is based on their luck.

After getting BTS Crystals, gamers can follow the steps outlined below to exchange them:

  1. Tap the Calendar icon while on the Free Fire MAX lobby screen.
  2. Under the “Events” tab, click on the “BTS Bundle Up” event and hit the “Go To” option.

A unique event interface will appear, and players can exchange BTS Crystals for bundles as gifts.

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The BTS Royale round can also reward players with special Purple Coin tokens, and 30 of them can then be used to redeem BTS Crystals. The redemption steps are:

  1. Players must start by visiting the Free Fire MAX in-game shop.
  2. You should then head to the 'Exchange' section and tap on the 'Purple Coins' section.

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