How to Find and Use Candy Crush Saga Booster

Booster Candy
Candy Crush Saga is one of the most addictive games ever made for smartphones. And if you like this candy crushing game, you will definitely get stuck at some point. There are hundreds of levels in this game and you can only use boosters to pass them all. But how to find and use Candy Crush Saga boosters?
Booster Candy Crush Saga on Facebook

There aren't many ways to get free boosters within the Candy Crush app itself. You can get some of them through the daily spin wheel. However, it's a good idea to log into your Facebook account from a computer and play occasionally. There are times when you get a free Candy Crush Saga booster via Facebook.

It's easier to get those boosters by playing the Facebook version of Candy Crush. This is especially useful if you start to get stuck on a level for some time. On Facebook, you buy gold bars and cash in on them to get boosters. A typical Candy Crush Saga booster is 3-5 gold bars via Facebook. Apart from that, Candy Crush also offers a starter bundle with 1 free booster for each type and 1 hour main booster in the bundle.

Booster Candy Crush Saga with Daily Spin (Daily Booster Wheel)

Candy Crush now offers players daily spins to help them collect boosters. You can collect these boosters over time, so make sure you collect them. You can find the daily boost wheel in the main map menu under the number of lives signage. The list of Boosters that can be taken are: Coconut Wheel, Lucky Candy, Free Switch, Candy Bomb, Lollipop Hammer, Jelly Fish, and Striped and Wrapped. And if you're lucky, you can get a Jackpot that gives three Boosters from each type of Booster.

Candy Crush Saga Booster by Purchase Before Play

If you want to use some Boosters by pinning them before starting the game, you can buy them first. Tap the Booster you want to use in the window that appears when the game starts. The price is shown on the screen. Tap on the price icon. After that, the window to buy Booster is displayed on the screen.

 Candy Crush Saga Booster by Buying As Playing Runs

You can also buy and use Candy Crush Saga Booster while the game is running. All Boosters in the level you are following are immediately shown at the top left of the screen. The trick, tap the Booster you want to use, the price will appear. Tap on the selected Booster price icon. After that, the Booster purchase window will be displayed on the screen.

Take advantage of one Booster because each Booster has its own use. If you just want to use a Booster, you don't have to match it with other Boosters or Special Candy. You can also combine standard Boosters. In order to take full advantage of the Booster's abilities, you can match it with other Boosters which will get better reactions. Boosters can be matched with other Boosters when they are side by side. All Boosters placed before the game starts as well as Special Candy that comes out on a level can be combined.

Meanwhile, if you want to combine Booster Candy A special Crush Saga that only comes out at certain levels, the following trick can be used. The aforementioned Boosters are regular Boosters and Special Candy which are frequently encountered in the game and apply to almost every level. Meanwhile, Coconut Wheel and Jelly Fish Boosters include special Boosters that only exist in certain levels. The Coconut Wheel Booster is only available at Ingredients Level while Jelly Fish only comes out when it's at Jelly Level. If those special Boosters appear in a level, you can match them with standard Boosters to create better reactions.

Then if you want to combine two Striped Candy, here's how. If there are two Striped Candy side by side, regardless of the color or position of the lines, you can remove a column and a row of candy with a Move. The rows and columns of candy that are omitted are affected by the location of the Striped Candy. Merging two Striped Candy instantly increases the effect of the Striped Candy.

If you want to combine Striped Candy and Wrapped Candy, follow these steps. If Striped Candy is to be combined with Wrapped Candy, the explosion effect obtained will be three times greater than that of two Striped Candy. When Striped Candy is combined with Wrapped Candy, three rows and three candy columns will be removed with only one move. The rows and columns of candy that are omitted are determined by the location of Striped Candy and Wrapped Candy.

If you want to combine Striped Candy with Color Bomb, you can change all the candies of the same color to Striped Candy. The position of the line printed on Striped Candy is determined randomly. After that, the Color Bomb explodes where all the Striped Candy will eliminate a number of columns and rows. Determined by the level that is being run, these combinations will really help to win.

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