How to Play Chang'e Mobile Legends, Auto GG Bro!

How to Play Chang'3 okay

How to play Chang'e in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Of course you need to know that you want to use the hero. This is necessary so that the hero you use does not become a burden on your team.

You need to know how to play Chang'e so that you can become a reliable player. In addition, you can also have a positive impact on your team.

You need to know how to play a hero with a role as a Mage. Don't let us play Chang'e carelessly.

This can have a fatal impact on your team's victory in the Mobile Legends game: Bang-Bang. Your presence on the team could be a disaster for other players.

So that that doesn't happen, you have to know how to play Chang'e Mobile Legends. This time there is a way to play a hero that you can try.

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This method is recommended for you so that Chang'e's presence in the match can be useful for other heroes and not the other way around.

How to play Chang'e needs to be understood by players who want to use it to compete in the game. Those of you who want to use this hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang certainly want to know how to play Chang'e the right way.

Well, this time there is a recommendation on how to play Chang'e that you can follow. By following Chang'e's way of playing, you are expected to win the match. Of course, not only you, but also your team in the Moonton game.

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You need to pay attention to a number of things when playing Chang'e. First, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Chang'e first.

Chang'e's Strengths and Weaknesses

How to Play Chang'e

How to play Chang'e, of course, will more or less be influenced by its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we need to know about Chang'e's strengths and weaknesses.

Chang'e is known as a hero with the Mage role. However, this one hero can be the core in the match. This is because Chang'e also has enormous magic damage.

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Chang'e's ultimate skill can overwhelm the heroes of the opposing team. Your hero will certainly find it difficult to dodge when attacked by Chang'e. Moreover, this skill has a fairly long range and makes it difficult for the opponent's hero to escape.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages that Chang'e has in the Mobile Legends game that you need to know:

Chang'e's advantages

  • Good Burst Damage

This hero has good burst damage. He can load an eliminated opponent's hero in a relatively fast time. The ultimate skill that he has will attack the opponent with the meteor shower he releases.

You can use this skill to attack and defend against enemy attacks. You can use this ultimate skill to attack your opponent.

  • Flexible

Chang'e can perform various roles. He can be an image, support and even become an offlaner when competing with opposing heroes in the game.

Of course, this would be a plus point for Chang'e. You can use Chang'e in various roles while playing with it.

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For those of you who use this hero, you don't need to bother and be confused about finding a role for Chang'e.

  • Good Mobility

This hero also has good mobility. He can move from one place to another with another. In particular, when he uses skill 2 which can increase Movement Speed.

Chang'e's Weaknesses

  • Don't Have Escape Skill

This is Chang'e's weakness in the match. He didn't have an Escape Skill.

This hero cannot run away from the pursuit of the opponent's hero. He was unable to save himself when the opponent chased while attacking him.

But you don't have to worry. To solve this problem, you can use battle spell flicker so that you can quickly move to a certain distance when your opponent is chasing.

  • Weak with Crowd Control

This hero is weak with other heroes who have crowd control abilities. Chang'e will have a hard time with heroes who have Crowd Control because their movements will be easily stopped. It can also make this one hero difficult to use skills.

  • Weak with Hero Burst Damage

Chang'e's next weakness is when she has to deal with heroes who have high burst damage. Because, the hero has a relatively thin HP.

How to Play Chang'e Mobile Legends

How to Play Chang'e

Well, here are some things that are recommended for you when playing using Chang'e in Mobile Legends matches. You can use how to play Chang'e below when you use it in the game.

In addition to item selection Chang'e build hurts, spells and emblems If it's suitable, here's how to play Chang'e that you need to understand and try in order to be able to GG in the game.

Walking To Mid Lane

When using Chang'e, all you need to do in the early game is walk to Mid Lane. This lane is the best for heroes with a role as a mage.

You need to protect the lane while doing farming. He had to enrich himself in the early game.

In addition, Chang'e also has to roam to help teammates' heroes who are at war.

Spam Skill 2

You need to spam skill 2 Chang'e when you are in the game arena. You need to do that because this skill will provide additional basic attack damage to skill 1 and Chang'e's ultimate skill.


Chang'e also has to pay attention to the game during the late game. He can't just play when he has entered the late game.

The reason is, it will make Chang'e easy to be eliminated from the game because of an attack from the opponent's hero.

Chang'e had to roam with his teammates. He must do ganking so as not to be easily eliminated from the game.

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