How to Activate Valorant Agent 2021

How to Activate Valorant Agent

Hello Viicigers, Surely there is someone here who has just tried this game, right? Here I will tell you how to activate the agent in valorant. If so, just take a look at this article.

In this Valorant game, there are many agents that Vicigers can choose from, now, however, not all agents can use Vicigers directly, so the agent must first activate Vicigers.

So how do you activate it? Now, vicigers, before activating the agent, the first step that vicigers must pay attention to is what skills the agent has.

Why do you need to know the skill first? Vicigers must first know what skills the agent has, so that vicigers can determine which agent will be suitable for Vicigers to use when playing directly in the match.

On the main menu of Valorant, players can see the tab “play to unlock free agents” or it means “play to unlock free agents” which has a total of 10 tiers. In tiers 5 and 10, players will get a new Valorant agent by increasing XP. Players can earn XP points by playing the game, but completing daily missions can speed up this process.

How to Activate Valorant Agent

For other agents that are still locked, players can look into each agent's contract by going to the “Collection” tab on the Valorant main screen and pressing the “Agents” tab.

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