Holy Crystal, Green Crystal Increase Combat Power of Hero Mage

holy crystal cover 1

Holy Crystal is often the best and most efficient option used by player Mobile Legends specialist hero mage. Imagine, there are many advantages to using this green precious stone.

Actually, there are many items another adder magic power presented by Moonton as a power enhancer hero mage which can produce magic damage. There are certain reasons for Holy Crystal crowned items exclusive hero mage GG by the player.

Read the following details so you understand the importance Holy Crystal, its use with items others as well hero mage suitable to use items this.

Holy Crystal, Green Precious Stone Conquest of Di Players Mid Game

Default Status Holy Crystal

Default state holy crystal

Items classified as tier 3 in category items in Mobile Legends it has the ability to increase magic power users by 100, which previously was 90 only.

At first glance, this effect does seem trivial and not so important. However, para player specialist hero mage aiming for the passive ability of items this.

Passive Effect Holy Crystal

passive effect holy crystal

The passive effect of this green Crystal has undergone a change, especially when patches version 1.3.88. There are passive effects removed and replaced with new ones.

Before patches the, Hero Crystal has a passive effect in the form of additional 25% magic attack for hero with attack or skills magic. However, in the current version, items it provides extra magic attack by 21 to 35% which will increase according to level hero.

If discussed in more detail, before patches that you will get extra magic attack by 100 and 25% of passive effects items this. That is, there will be an increase in attack magic only 125.

However, those 125 points will affect magic items, talent and emblem what you use for hero mage you, or hero in the mage emblem. Pretty much, right?

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In the current version, passive effect Holy Crystal will provide extra magic attack on a scale of 21 to 35% according to level hero. Hence, you will be required to leveling in order to get more points (35%).

This can be you too stack with effect and buff from items or support another. You can buy items This is for 2180, and it's good to buy before mid game.

Combination Items Other With Holy Crystal

Combination With Blood Wings

holy crystal and blood wings

If you want damage sick, you can combine this green crystal with Blood Wings. Passive effect Blood Wings will add to the onslaught magic power of 200% which can be respawn once every 30 seconds.

User Blood Wings also got extra magic power of 150 and 500 MOBILE PHONE, so there will be addition magic power of 250 plus 200% passive effect Blood Wings.

The illustration, if Selena with magic power of 1500, then he will get 3000 magic power so that it will destroy the opponent instantly. However, this will only happen every 30 seconds. Use this combination to eliminate your opponent with one hit.

Combination With Clock Of Destiny

holy crystal and clock of destiny

Items this will give an additional 615 MOBILE PHONE, magic power of 60 and additional where of 600. Uniquely, Clock of Destiny has two passive effects.

The first passive effect, every 20 seconds the user will get an additional 25 MOBILE PHONE and 4 magic power up to 12 times. While the other passive effect is a bonus of 300 where and 5% magic power if time reach stack maximum.

Use this combination if you use hero specialist late game like Gusion and Vale. Guaranteed both will be core scary for your opponent.

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Combination With Calamity Reaper

Holy Crystal and Calamity Reaper

Holy Crystal and Calamity Reaper would be a difficult combination to counter as the passive effect would give hero who use it true damage or damage that will penetrate shields, buffs, or other obstacles.

Calamity Reaper can also add where 400 users and additional magic power by 70. Skills hero users will also be reduced CDit is 10%.

If paired with this green crystal, then power hero users will increase by 155% plus 170 points magic attack. Imagine if hero Selena you have magic attack of 1500, then Selena will have a destructive power of 2495.

With these points, Selena will be able to one hit KO hero opponents who haven't full upgrade, or attack hero in the MOBILE PHONE only 3 times thick. Creepy, right?

Combination With Necklace of Durance

holy crystal and necklace of duration

If you combine Holy Crystal in the Necklace of Durance, then you will get extra magic power by 60, deduction CD as many as 5% and there is 10% capability magic lifesteal.

Passive effect of Necklace of Durance can also make hero moderate opponent HP regen reduced in effectiveness by 50%.

With this passive effect, you can defeat hero fight with hero mage which has attack speed tall like Harith, Eudora and Chang'e.

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Nevertheless, you must remain vigilant against counterattacks hero it's because regen items usually used by fighter and tanker.

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6 Hero Mage Meta Season 23 As User Holy Crystal


holy crystal selena hero mage

Due to its ability to transform from mode elf to abyss mode, Selena being one mage meta in this season that you can complete with Holy Crystal and their combinations.

Skills 1 mode elfit will be more optimal and sick when you want stack abyss mark for hero your opponent. In addition, with the combination Blood Wings, skills 2 Selena can also be a nightmare for your opponents in the arena, especially those hiding in the bushes.

When you use Abyss mode Also, Selena will be free to use skills its 1 and 2 to create damage hurt ever.


holy crystal valentina hero mage

Hero mage this one will further overwhelm the opponent because of his ability to imitate their form. However, if you equip it with this green crystal stone, skills 1 and 2 will get stronger.

Skills 1 Valentina has a passive effect making her opponent silent for 0.7 seconds so you can use it to attack her with skills 2.

If you imitate hero mage different with Valentina, guaranteed crystal combination with Blood Wings or Calamity Reaper will be more GG. Not only can disrupt the formation, the opponent will also be hit damage tall one.


holy crystal pharsa hero mage

Pharsa's ability that can slow down opponents up to stun they will be more awesome with Hero Crystal and their combinations. Even though it's in danger of going down tier, skillsetits still quite troublesome.

In early game, maybe you will use a lot skills 1 and basic skills. However, starting from mid game until late game added with items this, you will be happy with spam skills 2 and ultimate to create damage sick.

Anticipation spam skills Phrases with items enhancer where as Clock of Destiny.

With Items combined with the green crystal, then Pharsa can maximize the attack skills 2 and ultimate-his.

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holy crystal cecilion hero mage

Hero Vampire It would also be helpful to use a combination of green crystals and Blood Wings specifically. You can upgrade stack skills passive and skills 2 Cecilion to be a nightmare for hero opponent.

Skills Cecilion's passive will add wherequickly, so you don't have to worry about running out where and can focus on offensive attacks.

Skills The 2 that can attract your opponent can also be directly followed by skills ultimatewhich is burst skills with the effect of slowing down the opponent. If you use a combination Holy Crystal and Blood Wings or Calamity Reaper, damage Cecilion is guaranteed to be very sick.


holy crystal harith hero mage

Mage those who like to trap opponents with this time-controlling power are also compatible with enhancing green crystals magic power.

The option you can use is to give it a combination with Clock of Destiny or Blood Wings.

Combination with Blood Wings will increase the destructive power skills 1 and 2 especially in mid game, but if you choose a combination with Clock of Destiny, then Harith will be mage with supply where large enough to play catch up with opponents.

You can do combos ultimate in the skills 2 in order to reduce Skills CD 1 and create a Harith clone to attack the opponent.

Luo Yi

holy crystal luo yi hero mage

Just like Harith, Luo Yi can also be used as a trapper with skills passive and given items this green gemstone.

A good recommendation for offensive tactics is to use a combination with Blood Wings or Calamity Reaper. If you want to play casually, then Clock of Destiny so the right choice.

You will be more determined in trapping the opponent with strength Yin-Yang from skills Luo Yi, then spam skills 2 if you use Clock of Destiny.

Usually, Luo Yi is used for poke and will bring his comrade teleportation with ultimate-his. So you can poke while kill if playing offensively, and poke only if you play defensively.

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That's the details items Hero Crystal which you can combine with magic items others and recommendations hero mage meta season this is to be more savage in the arena. Do not forget farming gold before buying items this is vicigers!

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