Hero Thamuz Tank Used in MDL, Is It Present in MPL Season 7?

Hero Thamuz Tank Used in MDL, Is It Present in MPL?


Hello Vicigers friends, do you know?

Something new is back in MDL ID Season 3, even though it's not the first time and even though previously it failed to win.

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It was Thamuz who was used as a Tank by the Victim Esports team. In the match against Geek Fam Jr, Thamuz Tank was played in the second game by Xinthink.

It's not a new thing for Xinthink to play Thamuz, but as a Tank in the midlaner, it's something new, he used it before but failed when he met Red Bull Rebellion.

Will this happen in MPL, as we know META from MDL can be applied to MPL, such as Granger jungler, META two supports, all of them are used in MDL too.

Strong in Early

Yep, Thamuz is already very strong in the early game armed with his 1 and passive skill. Thamuz is practically like Hylos, has a strong regen and can beat from the first minute.

Hold the Body for Teamfight

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