6 Mobile Legends Heroes That Are Often Banned

Hero Mobile Legends

Surely it is not foreign if in the Mobile Legends game there are many very interesting heroes to play. But, did you know that out of all the existing Mobile Legends heroes, some of them are often banned?

Every Rank Season

Mobile Legends Bang Bang version in Season 19 is coming to an end. When season ends later, the rankings of all these players will also be updated and adjusted according to the season next (season 20). In general, players who have previously been in the position of Legends, Epic, or grandmaster, then the decrease that will be felt is not too far away.

It's different with players who are in the Mhytic tier position, which has to go down to the Epic position. However, it turns out that the decline that occurs will greatly affect the number of points that can be obtained by players while in Mhytic.

Hero Mobile Legends Frequently Affected Banned

Back to the initial discussion, according to the title, this time what will be discussed are several hero from Mobile Legends game which incidentally very often banned, especially when playing in mode rank or push rank.

  1. Natalia

This time what will be discussed first is hero coming from category hero assassins. Hero this is called Natalia. Please note, that Natalia is indeed very often a hero those who have subscribed are subject to banned.

Banned what happened to Natalia is because Natalia has the ability to disappear and can kill all her enemies very quickly. This should be used as a pride, not when a player has hero this is Natalia?

Not to mention if Natalia starts to mix items with various things damage big and spell execute. Where is this Natalia it will be so easy to kill hero others are of the type like marksman.

  1. Brody

In mobile legends games, Of course there are additional characters hero which continues to be upgraded to provide a more interesting game sensation. One of them is with the emergence of hero named Brody who recently appeared on the screen Mobile Legends game this.

Well, it turns out that Brody is in the category hero marksman. Brody himself has damage which is quite a big blessing basic attackits. It turns out, there  basic attack This can also be used to reduce the blood of the opponent very quickly.

Not only that, it turns out that Brody also has the ability to lock his targets, especially when Brody is in attack mode by providing a fairly long attack distance.

  1. Esmeralda

The names on the Mobile Legends heroes who are often banned are generally very funny. Where the name used is very similar to a human name, so it seems funny.

And hero the third most frequently hit banned this is called Esmeralda. Esmeralda is one of the hero that fall into the category hero mages. Hero Esmeralda is often an initiation whose concept is almost the same as tank.

Esmeralda has a special ability, which can produce quite a lot of white blood for herself. This is certainly very useful to provide sufficient endurance to survive enemy attacks.

Not only that, it turns out that this Esmeralda also has an item lifesteal as well as durability which can make him even stronger and very difficult to beat, even by some hero other.

  1. Johnson

For hero named Johnson has its own uniqueness that is clearly different from all types hero which exists. Jhonson's uniqueness comes from his own abilities. Because, si hero This Johnson turned out to be able to turn into a car you know.

Not only that, Johnson can also create stun if his opponent is hit by him. Johnson is also in category hey tanks, therefore Johnson can turn into a car.

What's special is that the ability to turn into a car can make Johnson also invite one hero others to join in the change. Thus, when the most opportune moment occurred, then the battle between team will also be very profitable with the presence of a figure hero this Johnson.

  1. Paquito

Hero other new ones inside Mobile Legends game namely Paquito. Paquito himself is a role fighter which one has damage which is quite large, as well as a very high speed the same as that of Chou.

The Paquito itself is often used as a form of guard against the exp lane. The speed possessed by the Paquito can clearly provide its own advantages. Where can Paquito do roaming to mid lane to help the fight between team that happened.

  1. Mathilda

One of the reasons why hero named Mathilda is often hit banned is because of ability circling eagle nor guiding wind which he has. This ability clearly has its own benefits, where Mathilda can turn into role support nor be assassins.

This change that happened to Mathilda can certainly be proof that hero Mathilda will not only support hero partner teamonly when in war, but can also kill enemies very easily, especially in duels Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that's done.

Here are some Mobile Legends heroes which is often hit banned when push rank. So, are you also one of the players who feel afraid if you meet heroes mentioned above?

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