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Hello Vicigers! Hero Masha is a fighter figure from Nost Gal in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang whose people are the sworn enemies of the magical bear nation.

Masha has the extraordinary ability that she can talk to bears making her a mediator between the two tribes. The following skills owned by Masha:

Ancient Strength (Passive)

Skill Ancient Strength This Hero Masha is an extraordinary ability for hero Masha because through this passive ability, she can have 3x HP Bar. Every time Masha loses 1% HP, then Attack Speedhis will increase by 1.2% and also he will get  Physical Lifesteal of 10%.

Howl Shock (Skill 1/CC)

Skills This Masha hero will make Masha roar forward and will also make her let out a Energy Shock to the opponent who has become the target, skills it gives 200(+100% Extra Physical stationery) Physical Damage and can also cause effects slow of 40% to hero opponent.

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Wild Power (Skill 2/Buff)

Masha can build Wild Powerher, give Physical Damage which is equivalent to 3.5% of the target's Maximum HP with basic attacks, and can improve Movement Speed-it is 20%. 

Thunder Clap (Skill 3)

Hero Masha unleashes abilities Powerful Chargeafter his HP was reduced by 50%. Hero Masha will issue Thunderclap skills who can help provide Physical Damage of 15%(+100% Total Physical Attack) and can give effect slow to the opponent by 90% for 1 second.

Life Recovery (Ultimate/Buff)

Hero Masha will recover 80% of HP from her last HP Bar by using all the energy she has.

As a fighter who specializes as pusher, therefore Hero Masha is not suitable if you always participate in the War. Masha can play objectively like Push Turret on all Lane, Why is that? because hero This Masha has Movement Speed which is extremely fast when compared to heroes other.

Because of this, it is very easy to move around lane, or Masha can also do Solo Turtle or maybe Lord when it happens war which is not on the path Turtle or Lord.

To play Masha by showing the best performance, of course, the players have to build the best item for Masha too. If the players build it well as a fighter it will give damage very ill.

The following items which players must understand in order to get the best performance of Masha.

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  • Demon Hunter Sword

Demon Hunter Sword Items it can give +25 Attack Speed and +35 Physical Attack  which can be used by hero Masha while at early game.

  • Warrior Boots

Items the next one is Warrior Boots, items this can be a shoe item that can withstand any attack physical from the opponent. Item Warrior Boots it can give +22 Physical Defense and +40 Movement Speed.

  • Corrosion Scythe

Corrosion Scythe this is items which can give +50 Physical Attack, +25% attack speed, and +5% Movement speed.

  • Queen's Wings

Defense items Queen's Wings this can help increase HP by adding +1000 HP, adding +15 Physical Attack,+10 Cooldown Reduction, and has skills unique which is able to reduce 50% damage received from the opponent.

  • Immortality

Items this is very important for hero like Masha. Because items this can help Masha to counterattack the opponent with a very large attack effect. Immortality Items this can give +40 PPhysical Defense and also +800 HO for Masha.

  • Blade of Despair

This last item can add +5 Movement Speed and +170 Physical Attack. This very powerful item must be used by Masha when in Late Game.

Apart from paying attention build itemsnya, the players should also pay attention combo skills owned by Masha. Masha has combo skills which can be used more effectively and can also conquer opponents easily and of course faster.

Here's a combo skills from Masha what to know and pay attention to:

  1. Attack with Thunderclap (Ultimate Skill)

Masha has to take out ultimate skills-to attack the enemy, because skills this is included in burst skills which can be used to launch attacks. Not only that, Masha can also get close to her opponent very quickly and will give damage which is so large that it causes an effect slow.

2. Activate Wild Power

When the players activate Wild Power, then Masha will chase the enemy and can provide DPS which will experience a large increase.

Even though Masha has to constantly give up her HP to activate skills Wild Power this, skills Lifesteal and also Attack Speed which can be improved by skills passive, this can make Masha stronger and also will not be easily defeated when fighting.

3. Disarm the opponent with Howl Shock (Skill 2)

Skill Howl Shock or commonly known as skills 2 possessed by Masha can help to provide a very large advantage when fighting with enemies.

Skill Howl Shock This can also cause disarm against targets or enemies and can also have an effect slow which is useful for smooth in attack and counterattack.

So, that's the discussion about Masha, for more details, you can watch videos from the fans pro player Masha. Good luck!

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