This is Silvanna's Counter Hero in Mobile Legends, Silvanna Auto Run!

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Check out the Hero Counter Silvanna on Mobile Legends on this article. This Mobile Legends hero is a hero with a fighter role and a semi tank hero.

This hero is famous for his ulti which is very troublesome for his enemies because the way the Silvanna hero works is trapping his opponent so he can't run away like Terizla's ulti.

Silvanna is a hero that users really like because this hero is often used during world-class Mobile Legend competitions.

But did you know that Silvanna also has weaknesses. Even though his ultimate skill is very troublesome for his enemy. Don't worry, this time we will discuss the hero counter Silvanna to silence enemy players. What are Silvanna's counter heroes, let's see together!

Getting to know Hero Silvanna


Long-term and one-on-one battles with Silvanna are a nightmare. He is a hero with ultimate skill who is able to lock the opponent's attack perfectly, not only when Silvanna releases her util skill indirectly.

Very high lifesteal only applies in the ultimate skill area. The best way to beat her in lane is to use a hero who can counter Silvanna's hero out and cancel the skill for Silvanna.

Options like Diggie, Chou, Valir, Akai, and Kadita can be good choices because to overcome Silvanna, you need a hero who is able to get out of Silvanna's ultimate skill trap.

List of Hero Counter Silvanna



Diggie is a hero in Mobile Legends who has a support role, why did Diggie become one of Silvanna's counter heroes? Because Diggie's ultimate skill can cancel Silvanna's ultimate skill.

Diggie is also able to protect the hero core very well because this hero has a very lethal crowd control skill so that the opponent's hero attacks can be easily thwarted and lastly because this hero has high durability so that it can withstand large burst damage from the opposing hero.



Next is the fighter type Hero who uses it a lot, Chou's ultimate skill is able to counter Silvanna's ultimate skill.

Chou's main attribute, being a tanker type, is his 'severely ill' damage. With the Shunpo skill that can be dashed while doing a dash, Chou is able to capture immunity to crowd control effects. Very suitable for countering the hero Silvanna.

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Next is a mage-type Hero who has very high magic damage, namely Valir, skill 2 which is able to fight Silvanna when doing ulti.

Valir can counter Silvanna very well and can stun Silvanna when added to her 1st skill. Valir if stunned by Silvanna can release it using his 3rd skill.



Next is the Tank-type Hero who is very familiar to its users, namely Akai whose ultimate skill is able to take out Silvanna when doing ulti.

Tai Chi which is Akai's passive skill that helps him to increase durability to be better when dealing with Silvanna. This passive skill is very useful for Akai because it will provide an additional shield every time Akai confronts Silvanna. 

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The resulting shield can absorb damage up to 6 percent of the total damage from its max HP. This effect will last for 2 seconds. The cooldown for the passive skill itself is only two seconds.


Nyi Roro Kidul Hero

Silvanna's last counter hero is a magic type hero nicknamed the princess of the ocean, namely Kadita. His ultimate skill that is able to change his form into water.

Kadita is one of the deadliest heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero has two roles at once, namely Mage and Assassin. Kadita herself was inspired by the most famous legendary figure in Indonesia, namely Nyi Roro Kidul, she can counter Silvanna's skills well.

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That's how to beat Silvanna. Better to be careful and don't let yourself be consumed by Silvanna's ultimate skill.

From the Silvanna counter hero recommendations above, you can choose one to make Silvanna run wild. How are Friends of Esports preparing to fight Silvanna?

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