Try Hero Aldous Using 3 Best Tips+Tricks!

3 best tips for using Aldous hero in ml

Hello Viciers! Very hit instantly destroyed! Yup! This is one hero super OP (Over Powered) and one fighter strongest oftenbanned on ranked namely Aldous. Aldous is fighter heroes known as One Punch Man in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

How come? The unclean fist that this hero has, has burst damage very high with one hit. No wonder at the end of the game/late game hero This becomes a threat, because his punches can instantly eliminate opponents without them having time to fight back.

Let's see tips and tricks to play hero Aldous and the excellence of every skills-his!

Dying? Don't Hope You Can Recall

This is the uniqueness of Aldous, ultimate skills-his. He can open the map then all the opponent's locations as well as MOBILE PHONE the opponent is clearly known to the team. If there happens to be an opponent who is dying, then wherever they are, ready to welcome the arrival of Aldous flying attack him directly.

The opponent that Aldous is aiming for can't do recall to base-his. Then the absolute death of the opponent was recorded! It's just that, we must use hero lock mode in order to avoid the risk of error in targeting.

Apart from being used to attack, Ultimate skills We can also use it to escape from critical situations. The trick, is to aim for hero enemy in lane another and stop in the middle (cancel ultimate).

We can also use skills This is to move areas to help our friends in lane others who need immediate help. Remember, skills 3 belongs to the King Late Game it has several uses so take advantage of details like these in battlefield.

Your Basic Attack is Flawless!

the king late game this has skill defense  outstanding buy it. Skill 2 of them have advantages that are very useful for a fighter. Apart from giving movement speed moment, so you have a chance to escape.

Skill this also makes Aldous invulnerable/immune from basic attack which the opponent gave. Damage what he received was 50% from the damage given by the opponent. Of course this is very unfair to hero close range or close combat opponent at one vs one.

Skills We can use 2 of Aldous's for play safe until a minimum of 100 . is collected stack. Only then can we start playing a little aggressively and start paying in installments push lane.

Disappear with Just One Hit

Focusing on collecting stacks as quickly and as much as possible is the most important key when playing Aldous. We must playsafe in early game and always try to get last hits in the skills 1 agar stack collect faster.

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Main attack mainstay hero this is Burst damage one shot. Dskill skill this one can only be strengthened through gathering numbers stack up to a maximum of 500 stack.

Multiple ways to collect stacks, can with last hits use skills 1 to 1 minion or 1 jungle monsters, Aldous got stack each, by 3 stack.

 If last hits against 1 hero enemy, 1 enemy tower, 1 Turtle and 1 Lord use skills 1, then stack each obtained is 10 stacks at a time.

100 the stack collected by Aldous, not enough to participate in war. Better stay focused on collecting stack at least up to 200s stack collected.

When more than 200 stack already collected, we can eliminate the opponent with a few hit only from skills 1. Especially when it reaches more than 300 stack then we no longer need to focus too much on collecting the stack through  minion and farming, because heroes thin like marksman, mage, assassin, support can donate stack  with one stroke (one shot kill).


If stack has been collected completely that is 500 stack, then no one can resist his illegitimate fist. However, that doesn't mean you no longer need the help of the team.

Even though Aldous is very strong as a solo carry and able to destroy turret alone while battling several enemies thatambush, keep on using backup from tank and teamwork, don't be careless!

No matter how strong Aldous is late game, it's not a guarantee that he's death invulnerable. However, take advantage of it team fight well. Because absolute victory does not lie in war, but lies in the cohesiveness of the destroying team base enemy.

Good luck, guys!

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