Here are 4 Rows of Counter Hero Beatrix Mobile Legends

This is the Counter Hero Beatrix Mobile Legends!

Hello Vicigers friends, you know what? Beatrix was finally officially released by Moonton on March 19, 2021. This newcomer hero is considered OP from his skills. is there a Beatrix hero counter?

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Please note, the counter system on a hero is often applied by Moonton. This system makes the gameplay more interesting and fair for the players.

Especially in Mobile Legends, the new hero is getting stronger because it hasn't been adjusted. For Baterix, this hero has a unique ability, aka very OP (overpowered).

Counter hero Beatrix

Must Know! This is the Counter Hero Beatrix Mobile Legends

In addition to having great damage, the Beatrix 2021 hero is known to be very strong in terms of mechanics. Noted, Beatrix has 8 skills at once with 4 weapons that can be used.

Friends, you must be curious who are the heroes who counter Beatrix? Immediately, we discuss through the following article!

Hero Fighter Support, Kaja


The first hero who can counter is Kaja. Kaja has the ability to disable his skills or rather give a suppressed crowd control effect on Beatrix.

Kaja can be an option to defeat Beatrix by means of the ultimate skill combo (Divine Judgment), skill two (Lightning Bomb) and the first skill (Ring Of Order).

Hero Fighter, Jawhead

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