This is Guinevere Mobile Legends Combo Skill 2-3-1

This is the True Guinevere Mobile Legends Combo Skill!                                                   

Hello Vicigers friends, there are still many mistakes among you, this is the correct Guinevere Mobile Legends skill combo!

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Playing Guinevere in the Mobile Legends game is very easy. The combo skill is very easy to memorize, namely skill 2-3-1.

But did you know that the combo we mentioned above does less damage. There is one combo that has higher damage than the 2-3-1 skill combo.

Combo Skill 2-1-3 Guinevere

The 2-1-3 combo above produces much higher damage because there is an additional passive.

The passive itself can give 25% damage when the enemy is in the air, therefore if the enemy is hit by skill 2 Guinevere then skill 1 and skill 3 Guinevere's damage will be higher than other combos.

Still can't issue skill 1 first when the enemy is hit by skill 2 Guinevere? You can still do it, there's still time as long as you immediately press skills 1 and 3 quickly.

This is the Correct Combo Skill 2-3-1 Guinevere Mobile Legends
Source : DailySpin

Keep in mind, Vicigers, that other skill combos are still effective, it's just that the combos that we recommend above are more damaging than other combos.


What do you think, Vicigers, which combo skill do you want to use? That's the correct Guinevere Mobile Legends skill combo that has higher damage than other skill combos.

Guinevere himself is currently still in the Mobile Legends meta game, his mobility is high and his damage is also high.

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