Comparison of M416 Vs SCAR-L PUBG Mobile Weapons, Which is Better?

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Player PUBG Mobile can be confused about choosing the right assault rifle for them. Especially in the beginning when most of the AR is the same for players, it becomes a matter of choice. One of them is M416 Vs SCAR-L PUBG.

However, most players are stuck with SCAR-L vs M416 PUBG. Today we are going to do a SCAR-L vs M416 PUBG analysis and hopefully this will make the decision easier. Just scroll down below!

M416 Vs Scar-L PUBG Mobile

Advantages of SCAR – L


In terms of accuracy, the SCAR-L is an excellent choice, be it short or medium range. With the right scope, you can use this weapon quite well. However, long-term combat can be problematic.

In close combat, the SCR-L can be devastating. Its high accuracy with few bullet shots makes this weapon a good choice for beginners.

This weapon becomes stronger by using attachments. This weapon is one of several handpicked weapons that supports 4 attachments. You can set attachments according to your own preferences.

Advantages of M416


The M416 equips the highest number of attachments of any Assault Rifles in the game (more than SCAR-L). This makes this weapon very versatile in any encounter.

This weapon is very stable due to low recoil. If you are a new player and in a dilemma, whether you should take it or not, you should do it.

The M416's damage rate is high compared to most other ARs. This is a point that needs to be considered when you will face the enemy. A high fire rate can make you survive, especially in 1 on 1 battles.



M416 Vs Scarl PUBG is capable of issuing extended magazines and can have a maximum capacity of 40 rounds per round.

Also, both guns can fire in Auto Mode as well as in Single Mode. So in capacity wise, both weapons are on the same ground.



Now comes the main part that every PUBG Mobile player does not want when firing his weapon.

Recoil control is very important for weapons because players like weapons that have little recoil and can be easily controlled when shooting.

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But in this case, both weapons have almost the same recoil when fired. Again both M416 Vs Scar-L PUBG have the same points in recoil.

Shooting Speed


This is the part that distinguishes the two weapons. Fire speed is the speed at which a gun fires a bullet or empties its magazine.

In the case of the M416, the firing speed is 3.28 seconds which means it takes 3.28 seconds for the M416 to fire all the bullets in the pre-installed magazine.

As for the Scar-L, the firing speed is 3.40 seconds, which means it takes 0.12 seconds longer than the M416 to empty the magazine.

Now, this 0.12 second can save you from getting killed during close combat in PUBG Mobile. The M416 will fire his bullets faster and the enemy will take more damage if he has Scar-L on him.

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Reload Time


Reloading is the total time it takes for a weapon to reload to fire again. In this case, both M416 Vs Scar-L PUBG have the same reload time of 2.3 seconds.

Both weapons are in the same phase and you can choose any weapon based on your preference if your preference is weapon reload time.



Finally, we have the power to tell the difference between PUBG M416 Vs Scar-L. But then again since both guns fire the same 5.56mm bullet, they tend to have the same power.

When tested in practice mode, both the M416 VS Scar-L PUBG were able to blow up the buggy with the same number of bullets.

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Hopefully the picture will be clearer for you about your AR choice between M416 Vs Scar-L PUBG! If you have any comments, let us know below!

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