PMPL ID Season 3 Day 3: New Champions Grand Final!

Today is the last day of PMPL ID Season 3, where we will get a new Champion. Geek Fam managed to surprise the audience and emerged victorious in the Grand Final!

Sunday (18/4), the final duel for the PMPL ID Season 3 grand finals took place. As expected, the grand finals duel between the top 16 teams was heated.

The grand finals have started since last Friday (16/4). There are 6 matches per day, meaning there are a total of 18 matches that the best PUBG Mobile Indonesia teams will participate in.

In the past two days there was GD Gids who made a surprise, but on the third day this time it was Aura Esports' turn to look stunning.

Here are the full results of the PMPL ID Season 3 grand finals!

Grand final day 3 results

Match 1 – Sanhok: Bigetron Red Aliens

Match 2 – Erangel: Aura Esports

Match 3 – Miramar: Geek Fam

Match 4 – Sanhok: Aura Esports

Match5 – Miramar: Aura Esports

Match 6 – Erangel: Bigetron Red Aliens

PMPL ID Season 3 Day 3: New Champions Grand Final!

This grand finals day 3 duel belongs to Aura Esports. Finally Aura found their best rhythm to get up to get as many points as possible.

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Aura started day 3 on the second sheet of the overall rankings. However, Jeixy et al. skyrocketed to the first sheet with 3 WWCD.

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