Gorilla Glass Victus Best Extra Glass Protection 2021 From Corning

Corning Gorilla Glass Victus

Gorilla Glass is one of the best products for screen protection for gadgets produced by the Corning company. Who is a technology connoisseur who doesn't know Gorilla Glass? Although maybe a bit foreign to the company that produces it, namely Corning. Not continuing the previous series with the code name Gorilla Glass 6. The next series was given a more eye-catching name by Corning, namely 'Gorilla Glass Victus'.

Since the launch of Gorilla Glass 6 in 2018, Corning has continued to work on strengthening glass specifically designed for mobile devices/smartphones. This New York-based company, which supplies glass to corporate giants such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and other smartphone brands, Apple has so far also used a special version of Corning Gorilla Glass in its iPhones. While previously Corning focused on drop resistance as in previous years, now Corning has also made scratch resistance their top priority.

According to his claim, this glass coating is able to withstand impact damage, if your smartphone falls from a height of two meters, even on an uneven surface. For example, you are engrossed in scrolling through Instagram on the road, after coming home from work, suddenly your cellphone falls to the asphalt, so Corning claims that your smartphone screen is guaranteed not to be cracked or scratched in the slightest. Do not believe? try dropping your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, just kidding.

Corning claims that the Victus is the best and toughest screen protection they have ever created. In fact, they also claim that the Victus is four times tougher than the glass protection of the other brands/competitors.

Advantages of Gorilla Glass Victus by Corning
  • Improved fall protection, up to 2 meters
  • High resistance to scratches and damage to sharp contacts
  • The power of long-lasting screen protection
  • Superior surface quality
  • Lower soft point than predecessor versions Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and 6

Different from Xiaomi Mi 11 which became the first smartphone with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset. Samsung made the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra the first to try Gorilla Glass Victus by Corning, then followed by Xiaomi Mi 11, and continued with the Galaxy S21 series.

To our knowledge, this is the only device that has officially launched and is coupled with the latest screen protection from Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. However, many smartphone brands are already on a waiting list for their launch, which also entrusts Gorilla Glass Victus as their screen protection. Call it the most famous Gaming HP throughout the world, ROG Phone 5 series by Asus.

facts about corning gorilla glass in Indonesia

You know what's unique about Indonesian society? Although Corning has tried its best to bring out the best products like Victus. Indonesian people are not used to having their smartphone screens not coated with anti-scratch or additional tempered glass.

That's what causes sales of various models of tempered glass selling well in Indonesia. From 5 thousand rupiahs of tempered glass to hundreds of thousands of rupiahs of tempered glass from even newer brands such as Ringke, Nillkin, etc. are very popular in the market.

So, some Indonesians still have more concerns about their smartphones. They are more willing to have their smartphone look more bulky by adding tempered glass and case instead of having to let their smartphone appear with its original design.

That's pretty much the facts. Which group do you belong to? Plain without tempered glass or use tempered glass? Let's try to answer in the comments column.

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