2021 Google Returns to Clean Up Dangerous Applications on Google Play

2021 Google is back to cleaning up dangerous apps on the Play Store

Google recently gave an overview of their efforts to get rid of malicious apps from Google Play specifically for Android.

In a blog post, Google Play's Director of Product Management Trust & Safety, Krish Vitaldevara, provided information that Google removed more or less 119,000 app developer accounts last year, and also prevented more than 962,000 apps classified as harmful from appearing in the Play Store.

Our core efforts around identifying and mitigating bad apps and developers continued to evolve to address new adversarial behaviors and forms of abuse.

2021 Google is back to cleaning up dangerous apps on the Play Store
Google Play Store screenshot (webview)

In essence, Vitaldevara wants to inform Android users around the world that until now Google continues to work on identifying and mitigating bad or dangerous applications and developers so that they don't continue to wage war on the 'Google Play Developer Console' which will later have the potential for various abuses.

Google understands that this is a challenge that must be faced even in 2021. Because basically the Google Play Developer Console (portal for uploading your own .apk) can be accessed by everyone without any 'special restrictions'.

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The new policy is a preventive step for dangerous applications to enter the Play Store

Google is aware that despite its efforts, Google Play has not been completely devoid of harmful apps to date.

To address these challenges, Google has enacted a series of new policies on Google Play to help reduce the entry of malicious apps from irresponsible developers.

google playprotect
Google Play Protect

Play Protect as the forefront of application security on Google Play still needs to be improved and Google also said in its blog that they are still far from perfect.

There have even been several new reports recently that state that apps on Google Play are infected with malware.

According to data from mobile application security specialist 'Upstream', one in six mobile devices in emerging markets such as Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand, carries at least one application infected with malware.

More interestingly, Upstream also notes that 29% of malicious applications are still sourced from Google Play. This means that Google with Play Protect still has to go the extra mile to respond to this.

However, the report also notes that Google's protection mechanisms are forcing rogue developers with malicious apps away from the platform.

But those irresponsible developers don't seem deterred and instead put their apps on third-party stores, as we know so far there are apkpure, aptoide, etc.

Avoid installing apps outside of Google Play

In the default settings, if it's the first time you want to install an application from a source other than Google Play, then your cellphone will automatically ask for authorization for this.

Permissions Install Unknown Apps
Install Unknown Apps Permissions

Don't be tempted by the application that gives you lure MOD applications or modified applications that give you paid streaming access for free, for example like MOD for Spotify, Youtube, Netflix, etc.

Many dangers lurk, if you do that. For example, your personal/important data is secretly taken, then misused and so on.

So, do you often install .apk applications from outside of Google Play, Vicigers? If you're still doing it until now, you better be extra careful, okay, but it's a different matter if you're a developer who has to trial and error an application before it's official launch.

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