Might Magic Era Of Chaos Mobile Game Will Be Released

Might Magic Era Of Chaos Mobile Game Will Be Released

Might Magic: Era Of Chaos Mobile Game Will Be Released

Hello Vicigers, Even though it's busy with games for PC and consoles, it turns out that Ubisoft is also busy with mobile platforms. By presenting the new Might & Magic game, Era of Chaos, UBISOFT has opened a pre-registration period for this free-to-play mobile tactical RPG. Players who pre-register will receive the exclusive Catherine's pirate hero skin and 500 Gems when the game launches.

Games This itself follows the story of Heroes of Might & Magic III. And will have 20 different game modes in the game. You can still play a solo campaign that will bring players back to the land of Erathia. After the disappearance of King Roland Ironfist from Enroth, his wife, Queen Catherine, was forced to rule alone.

Meanwhile, his father, King Gryphonheart of Erathia, has been slain. Without their beloved King, the kingdom of Erathia fell to dark forces. Queen Catherine moves back to Erathia and seeks to gather the people of her homeland and guide them against the evil that has devastated their country.

In addition to the campaign, there are also other PvE models such as Underground, as well as playing in non-real time multiplayer PVP via Arena, real time PVP via Ranked Arena, Duel between Champions, Tournament between servers, as well as Guild Exploration mode and War between Guilds.

Just like the previous Might & Magic games, players are still required to strategize while analyzing the ongoing war by placing troops that are prepared before the battle begins. Apart from these automatic troops, players can also change the direction of the fight quickly by using heroes.

Karakter-karakter favorit dari para fans Might & Magic juga akan muncul di Might & Magic: Era of Chaos ini mulai dari makhluk setengah manusia dan Jin – Yog hingga ke Barbarian Shiva. Semua karakter yang masuk juga akan memiliki kemampuan baru untuk mendapatkan dominasi

Untuk kamu yang ingin mencoba game RPG ini kamu bisa mendaftar pra-registrasinya sekarang di Play Store atau cari tahu lebih banyak tentang game ini di Website resminya Atau berkumpul bersama para pemain lainnya untuk berbagi info lewat Group Facebook dan juga.

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