Galaxy A42 5G, Complementary to the Galaxy A Series from Samsung – Part 1

Galaxy A42 5G, Complementary to the Galaxy A Series from Samsung

Although Samsung Indonesia has never brought the Galaxy A40/A41 series before, but what's wrong with hoping that this time Samsung will bring in the Galaxy A42 5G, even though it's already 6 months late from its global launch. Maybe the Galaxy A43 will enter Indonesia? Let's just wait.

Is the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Officially Entered in Indonesia?
Samsung Galaxy A42 5G, Source: GSMArena

The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is the first of the AX2 phones to be launched. Maybe this 2021 Samsung has been flooded with other new Galaxy A phones like the slightly upgraded Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and the affordable Galaxy A32 5G.

Now that it's been more than a few months since its launch, this phone might not be your first choice for a cheap 5G phone. Moreover, there is also no news that this cellphone will officially enter Indonesia.

After this we will detail the specifications, features, and prices of the Galaxy A42 5G to help you guess, do you need to change your cellphone to the next Galaxy A4X, because the Galaxy A42 5G series is not officially in Indonesia, maybe the Galaxy A43?

We also highlight the differences between the models that came out for the US and UK markets, as despite sharing the same name, they both have slightly different specifications.

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Galaxy A42 5G at a Glance

Samsung released this cellphone on November 11, 2020. This series successfully became the first of the AX2 phones to be released.

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