3 Latest Samsung Galaxy A Series Not Included in the 5G Variant!

4g vs 5g

You know that Samsung recently brought 3 variants of the latest Galaxy A series to Indonesia officially. But do you know that there is something strange about the latest Galaxy A series from Samsung?

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Samsung's latest Galaxy A Series doesn't bring the 5G variant officially to Indonesia at all

samsung galaxy a72 5g
Samsung Galaxy A72 5G

We also don't know why Samsung Indonesia didn't bring a 5G variant for the Galaxy A series, which just launched about a month ago.

It's as if Samsung Indonesia wants to say, if you want a 5G Samsung cellphone, at least buy our newest Galaxy S series!

But it is undeniable, the fate of the 5G network in Indonesia is also unclear, whether it will launch this year, next year, or next year again.

Perhaps this was done by Samsung Indonesia, as well as to cut the price of the latest Galaxy A series which was officially launched in Indonesia.

Because 5G networks are not obtained by simply adding an antenna, but also having to replace processors that support 5G networks, and that means increasing production costs.

Samsung Galaxy A Series 4G Vs 5G

FYI, for those of you who don't understand, we can help explain that the 4G/5G network on a smartphone is influenced by the processor used by the smartphone itself.

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