The Fun of Classical Racing in Horizon Chase for Android

Among the advantages of classic racing games is the rules of the game are simple but still challenging. Players are only given a steering wheel, step on the gas, and brakes. Then the gear stick also usually only has low and high speeds. Horizon Chase  is a racing game that can provide an exciting sensation of driving a vehicle through a fast-moving track.

Then Simple System

Driving a vehicle in Horizon Chase  does not require great skills like a real racer. Aquiris as a developer provides easy steering patterns for everyone. Players are only presented with a pair of buttons to drive the vehicle left or right. Step on the gas and the nitro button to increase speed is near the vehicle controls. Releasing the throttle automatically applies the brakes. However, in Horizon Chase, 7 other steering pattern options have also been prepared, for example, there are those that eliminate virtual buttons and apply the accelerometer sensor on the cellphone. Players can also activate an external Bluetooth controller in Horizon Chase.

World Tour

Except for the retro racing concept, Horizon Chase  also presents the excitement of touring around the world. The developer presents 8 stages that take ideas from 8 countries in the world including America, Greece, India and South Africa. Each country that is crossed is quite special because it carries a distinctive background and various famous icons. Each country traversed at least offers 6 – 8 tracks to be conquered. There are a total of 73 tracks in Horizon Chase.

Not Just a Quick Fight

Although the inner race system Horizon Chase relatively simple, but the developer has prepared a variety of other fun such as collecting Stamp items or cans of fuel lying on the track. Item Stamp serves to increase the points obtained at the end of each race. These points are useful for activating new trajectories in the next country. The new track will open if the player can collect a number of points according to the requested.

The movement of the car on each track is determined by the stock of fuel in the tank. This mechanism presents its own fun because it offers a balance effect for several cars that you own. Vehicles with high speed certainly need a lot of fuel and vice versa. Players in Horizon Chase are also challenged to collect all types of cars as well as upgrades. Each level offers its own challenges in addition to the main race which will enable access to many types of cars and various upgrades to boost performance.

Low Poly Graphics

The developer adopts a low poly graphic display that is more relevant to today's games. The panorama presented in Horizon Chase looks so bright and dynamic. Although various angles and angles are presented, each object that appears on the track is quite good, plus there are many variations. The visual ability of this game is also very satisfying because it can provide smooth images that even reach speeds of 60 fps. The speed of the vehicle on the track is not at all constrained even though it is crowded with up to 20 cars. It's just that there is a slight disturbance in the form of a reduced fps speed when the weather is displayed such as snow or thunderstorms.

Upbeat Music

The developer takes Horizon Chase very seriously. The proof, they also hired a professional music composer Barry Leitch who had created game soundtracks but on a 16-bit console. Players will feel the sensation of racing with techno-style accompaniment music that is very passionate at a fast tempo. It's just that the variations offered are too little to accommodate up to 73 tracks. There's some of the same music playing for other tracks. The sound effects aren't too special either.

Premium Android Racing Game

Horizon Chase available as a paid game for IDR 45,000. By paying, players can take advantage of all the game's features where gameplay requires dozens of hours of play. The cost is still considered cheap for the best games on the mobile platform. Horizon Chase is quite a reference to play for fans of arcade racing games. While the free version of Horizon Chase will present the initial five tracks.

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