FUD in the Crypto World: Definition and How to Overcome It

Bitcoin Investment

Crypto investors of course already know about FUD. But maybe there are still some who do not understand and know it.

Public interest in making crypto investments is getting higher and higher.

Please note that crypto investing is risky.

We must pay attention to a number of things before deciding to invest or not.

Like understanding the crypto project that will be chosen and being ready with all the risks.

In Indonesia, there are tens of millions of people who invest in crypto assets.

This figure is known based on data from the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA).

This time we will review FUD in cryptocurrencies in order to invest as well as possible.

FUD is one of the terms in the crypto world. So we need to know what FUD is in order to avoid it.

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FUD in the Crypto World

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Crypto Illustration – Freepik

You certainly want to know what FUD is in the crypto world. You need this in order to know and invest in crypto assets better.

These words often come up in discussions in the crypto community. So what is FUD in the crypto world? Let's see more!

FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt or fear, uncertainty and doubt.

It is known that FUD in the crypto world is a propaganda ploy to make the price of an asset experience a significant decline. The person who performs this activity is called the fudder.

Funders will seek to influence other investors to release crypto assets.

Usually, they will share bad information about a crypto project they want to buy.

A number of crypto asset investors affected by the propaganda are expected to sell their crypto assets.

At that time, the fudder will be there to buy a crypto asset at the cheapest price.

After that, they will sell it again when the price has recovered.

Fudder usually appears in the community social media group of a crypto asset.

Then, they share bad things about a crypto project into the discussion room.

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How to Overcome FUD

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Crypto Whitepaper
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You can avoid the fudder so as not to be influenced by their propaganda.

There are a number of things you can do to avoid them:

Steps that need to be taken to avoid that is to do research.

Always do your own research (DYOR) to get to know the chosen crypto project when investing.

By recognizing the selected project, you will not be easily influenced by propaganda from the fudder.

In addition, you will also know more about the crypto project you have chosen.

Use the results of your research to determine what steps to choose in investing in crypto assets.

So you will not be affected by bad news or information from fudders.

We have to find data and facts from a project.

Because, it could be that the information submitted by fudder is not true.

Then multiply references related to the project you choose.

So, you can increase your knowledge when investing.

Furthermore, don't easily believe information from outside and see the person behind a project.

And follow the development of the project of a coin or crypto asset that you have chosen to invest.

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