Four Strongest Tanks in Mobile Legends Season 20 Ranked Mode

The Strongest Tank in Ranked Mode

Maybe, we will tell you about the four strongest tanks in Mobile Legends ranked mode for this season. That said, our decision to discuss this is because we know you are always confused about which role to choose when no one wants to play it.

Apart from that, the names that we will convey also have great potential to be able to make your team win when playing the most competitive mode in the game made by Moonton.

However, we still recommend that you try to use it first in several modes before playing it in ranked mode. No need to linger anymore because we will soon convey it to you.

These are the Four Strongest Tanks in Mobile Legends

  • Gatotkaca

Yes, Gatotkaca in season 20 is quite suitable to be the most powerful meta tank that will continue to be used. Including as one of the heroes who are still 'Over Power', his best ability lies in ulti.

Where, this ability can create a stun effect (only a few seconds) with a fairly wide area range. Obviously, that will allow him to face two to three enemy heroes in his ultimate area. Plus, his point rate will quickly accumulate when the enemy continues to beat him. As a result, the geprekan that will be issued will be even more painful.

Inevitably, all of his abilities were very suitable to make Ghatotkacha placed as an offlaner. Because, it will allow him to have access to farming better than being a tanker or hero support.

The build items used are Warrior Boots, Cursed Helmet, Concentrated Energy, Dominance Ice, Antique Cuirass and Divine Glaive. Plus, the emblem used is Tank (Concussive Blast) plus Execute as the battle spell.

  • Akai

It can be said, Akai has a skill that can match the ability of Ghatotkacha. Moreover, this hero with the appearance of a panda is also quite often used by Mobile Legends players in neighboring countries.

Apart from that, there is an ability from this hero that can be used for open war since the last revamp. Obviously, Akai's presence will make the enemy who faces him think twice because this character is able to make his opponent move when he is pinned to the wall with his ulti.

For the selection of build items: Courage Mask, Tough Boots, Athena's Shield, Antique Cuirass, Immortality and Dominance Ice. In addition, the emblem used is Support (Pull Yourself Together) plus Execute as the battle spell.

  • Tigreal

Furthermore, Tigreal became a fairly popular tank hero for season 20. The proof is that there are lots of players (tank users) who often fight over this hero during matchmaking.

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